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60th Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards

60th Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards
DateSeptember 13, 2008
Presented byAcademy of Television Arts & Sciences
Most awardsJohn Adams (8)
Most nominationsJohn Adams (15)
Television/radio coverage
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The 60th Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards honored the best in artistic and technical achievement in American prime time television programming from June 1, 2007, until May 31, 2008, as chosen by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. The awards were presented on September 13, 2008, at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California. The ceremony was hosted by Neil Patrick Harris and Sarah Chalke and was broadcast by E! on September 20, preceding the 60th Primetime Emmy Awards on September 21. In total, 79 Creative Arts Emmys were presented across 75 categories.

John Adams won eight Emmys to lead all programs at the ceremony. It was followed by Mad Men with four wins and 30 Rock, the 50th Annual Grammy Awards, and The War with three wins each. John Adams also received the most nominations, with 15 in total. In the overall program fields, winners included The 61st Annual Tony Awards, American Masters, Autism: The Musical, Classical Baby, Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Festival Chicago, Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project, New York City Opera: Madama Butterfly, Nick News with Linda Ellerbee, The Simpsons, South Park, This American Life, and White Light/Black Rain, among others. While ABC led all networks with 50 nominations, HBO took home the most awards with 16 Emmys.

Winners and nominees

Winners are listed first, highlighted in boldface, and indicated with a double dagger (‡).[1][2][a] Sections are based upon the categories listed in the 2007–2008 Emmy rules and procedures.[3] Area awards and juried awards are denoted next to the category names as applicable.[b] For simplicity, producers who received nominations for program awards have been omitted.


  • Camp Lazlo: "Lazlo's First Crush" (Cartoon Network)
    • Chowder: "Burple Nurples" (Cartoon Network)
  • The Heroes Digital Experience
    • ABC Family's Kyle XY: The Collective Experience
    • HBO Voyeur
    • The L Word Initiative
    • Lost Find 815
  • Disney Channel Games Digital Media Event
    • America's Player Interactive
    • Bravo Media's Project Runway
    • Bravo Media's Top Chef
    • Dancing with the Stars Multi-Platform Experience





Art Direction

Art Direction






  • Carrier: "Rites of Passage" – Axel Baumann, Robert Hanna, Ulli Bonnekamp, Mark Brice, and Wolfgang Held (PBS)
    • The Amazing Race: "Honestly, They Have Witch Powers or Something" – Per Larsson, Sylvester Campe, Tom Cunningham, Lucas Kenna Mertes, and Peter Rieveschl (CBS)
    • Project Runway: "En Garde!" – Derth Adams, Malkuth "Mo" Frahm, John Armstrong, Marcus Bleecker, and David Vlasits (Bravo)
    • Survivor: "Just Don't Eat the Apple" – cinematography team (CBS)
    • Top Chef: "Finale (Part 1)" – Paul Starkman (Bravo)




  • Frank TV: "Ballpark Frank" – Shanna Knecht and Elizabeth Tagg (TBS)




  • Saturday Night Live: "Host: Tina Fey" – Bettie O. Rogers, AnneMichelle Radcliffe, and Jodi Mancuso (NBC)
    • Dancing with the Stars: "Episode 510A" – Mary Guerrero, Lucia Mace, Cynthia P. Romo, and Maria Valdivia (ABC)
    • Two and a Half Men: "City of Great Racks" – Pixie Schwartz, Krista Borrelli, Ralph M. Abalos, and Janice Zoladz (CBS)

Lighting Direction

Lighting Direction

Main Title Design

Main Title Design
  • Mad Men – Mark Gardner, Steve Fuller, and Cara McKenney (AMC)
    • Bernard and DorisGarson Yu, Synderela Peng, Etsuko Uji, and Edwin Baker (HBO)
    • Chuck – Karin Fong, Jonathan Gershon, and Dana Yee (NBC)
    • The Company – Matthew Mulder, Ryan Gagnier, Igor Choromanski, Cody Cobb, and Noah Conopask (TNT)
    • New Amsterdam – Johanna Marciano, Wendy Brovetto, and Bryan Keeling (Fox)


  • Dancing with the Stars: "Episode 503" – Melanie Mills, Zena Shteysel, Patti Ramsey Bortoli, and Nadege Schoenfeld (ABC)
    • MADtv: "Episode 1308: With Kathy Griffin" – Jennifer Aspinall, Heather Mages, Christopher Burgoyne, and Ned Neidhardt (Fox)
    • So You Think You Can Dance: "Episode 311" – Amy Strozzi, Heather Cummings, Tifanie White, and Crystal Wolfchild (Fox)
    • Two and a Half Men: "City of Great Racks" – Janice Berridge, Peggy Nichols, Shelly Woodhouse-Collins, and Gabriel Solana (CBS)



Picture Editing

Picture Editing
  • Top Chef: "First Impressions" – Kevin Leffler, Vikash Patel, Marc Clark, Annie Tighe, Steve Lichtenstein, Sue Hoover, and Katherine Griffin (Bravo)
    • The Amazing Race: "Honestly, They Have Witch Powers or Something" – Steven Escobar, Eric Goldfarb, Julian Gomez, Andy Kozar, Jennifer Nelson, Paul Nielsen, and Jacob Parsons (CBS)
    • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: "The Hughes Family" – Wes Paster, Matt Deitrich, Tenna Guthrie, Phil Stuben, Jason Cherella, Hilary Scratch, and Steve Mellon (ABC)
    • Project Runway: "En Garde!" – Jamie Pedroza, Bri Dellinger, Steve Lichtenstein, Andy Robertson, Clark Vogeler, LaRonda Morris, and Joe Mastromonaco (Bravo)
    • Survivor: "He's a Ball of Goo!" – Brian Barefoot, Robert D. Mathews, Chad Bertalotto, Andrew Bolhuis, Evan Mediuch, Steve Frederick, and Eric Van Wagenen (CBS)

Sound Editing

Sound Editing
  • Smallville: "Bizarro" – Michael E. Lawshe, Norval "Charlie" Crutcher III, Jessica Dickson, Timothy Cleveland, Marc Meyer, Paul J. Diller, Albert Gomez, Casey Crabtree, Michael Crabtree, and Chris McGeary (The CW)
    • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: "Cockroaches" – Mace Matiosian, Ruth Adelman, Jivan Tahmizian, David Van Slyke, Chad Hughes, Joseph Sabella, Zane Bruce, and Troy Hardy (CBS)
    • ER: "The War Comes Home" – Walter Newman, Bob Redpath, Darleen R. Stoker, Bruce Honda, Kenneth Young, Adam Johnston, Casey Crabtree, Michael Crabtree, and Sharyn Tylk-Gersh (NBC)
    • Lost: "The Shape of Things to Come" – Thomas deGorter, Paula Fairfield, Carla Murray, Maciek Malish, Joseph Schultz, Geordy Sincavage, Jay Keiser, Jim Bailey, Cynthia Merril, and Alex Levy (ABC)
    • Supernatural: "Jus in Bello" – Michael E. Lawshe, Norval "Charlie" Crutcher III, Karyn Foster, Marc Meyer, Timothy Cleveland, Paul J. Diller, Albert Gomez, Casey Crabtree, Michael Crabtree, and Dino Moriana (The CW)
  • John Adams: "Don't Tread on Me" – Stephen Hunter Flick, Vanessa Lapato, Kira Roessler, Curt Schulkey, Randy Kelly, Ken Johnson, Paul Berolzheimer, Dean Beville, Bryan Bowen, Patricio Libenson, Solange S. Schwalbe, David Fein, Hilda Hodges, and Alex Gibson (HBO)
    • The Andromeda Strain: "Part 2" – Michael Graham, Devon Curry, Anton Holden, Tim Terusa, Dan Tripoli, Mike Dickeson, Bob Costanza, Kevin Fisher, Rick Steele, Bill Bell, Erich Gann, Tim Chilton, Sharon Michaels, and Bunny K. Andrews (A&E)
    • Comanche Moon: "Part 2" – Joseph Melody, Rick Steele, Suzanne Angel, Mike Dickeson, Penny Harold, Adriane Marfiak, Bill Bell, Kevin Fisher, J. Michael Hooser, Tim Chilton, Sharon Michaels, and Chris McGeary (CBS)
    • John Adams: "Unnecessary War" – Jon Johnson, Bryan Bowen, Kira Roessler, Vanessa Lapato, Eileen Horta, Virginia Cook McGowan, Samuel C. Crutcher, Mark Messick, Martin Maryska, Greg Stacy, Patricio Libenson, Solange S. Schwalbe, David Fein, Hilda Hodges, and Nicholas Vitarelli (HBO)
    • Tin Man: "Part 1" – Anke Bakker, Brian Campbell, Kris Fenske, James Fonnyadt, Devan Kraushar, Steve Smith, Matthew Wilson, Ken Cade, Jay Cheetham, Cam Wagner, Shane Shemko, and Rich Walters (Sci Fi Channel)
  • The War: "When Things Get Tough" – Erik Ewers, Ryan Gifford, Mariusz Glabinski, Magdaline Volaitis, Ira Spiegel, Marlena Grzaslewicz, and Jacob Ribicoff (PBS)
    • Alive Day Memories: Home from Iraq – Stuart Stanley and Philippe Desloovere (HBO)
    • The Amazing Race: "Honestly, They Have Witch Powers or Something" – Eric Goldfarb, Andy Kozar, Paul Nielsen, Jacob Parsons, Steven Escobar, Julian Gomez, and Rick Livingstone (CBS)
    • American Masters: "Les Paul: Chasing Sound" – John Paulson (PBS)
    • Autism: The Musical – Keith Rishkofski (HBO)
    • Life After People – Dave Philips, Coby Taitano, Corey Morgan, Stephen Parise, Ryan Young, Nozomu Furuya Hirota, and Jack Crosby (History Channel)

Sound Mixing

Sound Mixing
  • John Adams: "Don't Tread on Me" – Jay Meagher, Marc Fishman, and Tony Lamberti (HBO)
    • The Andromeda Strain: "Part 1" – Daryl Powell, Terry O'Bright, and Keith Rogers (A&E)
    • Comanche Moon: "Part 2" – Darryl L. Frank, Rick Alexander, and Rich Rogers (CBS)
    • John Adams: "Join or Die" – Jay Meagher, Mike Minkler, and Bob Beemer (HBO)
    • Tin Man: "Part 1" – Eric Lamontagne, Paul Sharpe, Iain Pattison, and Graeme Hughes (Sci Fi Channel)
  • 30 Rock: "Episode 210" – Griffin Richardson, Tony Pipitone, and Bill Marino (NBC)
    • Entourage: "Adios Amigos" – Steve Morantz, Dennis Kirk, and Bill Jackson (HBO)
    • The Office: "Local Ad" – Ben Patrick, John W. Cook II, and Peter J. Nusbaum (NBC)
    • Two and a Half Men: "Is There a Mrs. Waffles?" – Bruce Peters, Kathy Oldham, Charlie McDaniel, and Bob La Masney (CBS)
    • Weeds: "Go" – Susan Moore-Chong, Fred Tator, and Chris Philp (Showtime)

Special Visual Effects

Special Visual Effects
  • John Adams: "Join or Die" – Erik Henry, Jeff Goldman, Paul Graff, Steve Kullback, Christina Graff, David Van Dyke, Robert Stromberg, Edwardo Mendez, and Ken Gorrell (HBO)
    • Comanche Moon: "Part 1" – Scott Ramsey, Randy Moore, Chris Martin, Megan Omi, Richard Sachar, Ragui Hanna, Daniel Kumiega, Cedric Tomacruz, and Kristin Johnson (CBS)
    • The Company: "Part 2" – Viktor Muller, Vit Komrzy, Jan Vseticek, Miro Gal, Peter Nemec, Jiri Stamfest, and Jaroslav Matys (TNT)
    • Life After PeopleMatt Drummond, Max Ivins, Steffen Schlachtenhaufen, Melinka Thompson-Godoy, Andrea D'Amico, Danny Kim, Dave Morton, James Allen May, and Casey Benn (History Channel)
    • Tin Man: "Part 1" – Lee Wilson, Lisa Sepp-Wilson, Sebastien Bergeron, Todd Liddiard, Philippe Thibault, Les Quinn, Mike Goddard, Ken Lee, and Andrew Domachowski (Sci Fi Channel)

Stunt Coordination

Stunt Coordination

Technical Direction

Technical Direction
  • Dancing with the Stars: "Episode 502A" – Charles Ciup, Brian Reason, Hector Ramirez, James Karidas, Dave Levisohn, Larry Heider, Bettina Levesque, Dave Hilmer, Damien Tuffereau, Easter Xua, Mike Malone, and Chuck Reilly (ABC)
    • Jimmy Kimmel Live!: "After the Academy Awards" – Ervin Hurd, Parker Bartlett, Randy Gomez, Greg Grouwinkel, Garrett Hurt, Ritch Kenney, Kris Wilson, Gary Taillon, and Christopher Gray (ABC)
    • Late Night with Conan O'Brien: "Episode 2585" – Gregory Aull, Richard S. Carter, Patrick Casey, Kurt Decker, Eugene Huelsman, Chris Matott, James Palczewski, Vincent Demaio, James Mott, Edward Wallace, James Corgan, and Carl M. Henry III (NBC)
    • Late Show with David Letterman: "Episode 2827" – Timothy W. Kennedy, Karin-Lucie Grzella, David Dorsett, Jack Young, Al Cialino, John Curtin, Fred Shimizu, Daniel L. Campbell, John Hannel, Dan Flaherty, George Rothweiler, Steven G. Kaufman, and William J. White (CBS)
  • 50th Annual Grammy Awards – John B. Field, Eric Becker, Mike Breece, David Eastwood, Freddy Frederick, Hank Geving, Dean Hall, Larry Heider, Dave Hilmer, Ed Horton, Marc Hunter, Charlie Huntley, Dave Levisohn, Steve Martyniuk, Rob Palmer, Bill Philbin, Hector Ramirez, Brian Reason, Ted Ashton, Keith Winikoff, and Guy Jones (CBS)
    • 80th Annual Academy Awards – John B. Field, Kenneth Shapiro, Allan Wells, Ted Ashton, Robert Balton, Danny Bonilla, John Burdick, David Eastwood, Marc Hunter, Charlie Huntley, Dave Levisohn, Lyn Noland, Rob Palmer, Bill Philbin, David Plakos, Hector Ramirez, Brian Reason, Mark Whitman, Kris Wilson, Easter Xua, Keith Dicker, Dean Hall, Steve Martyniuk, Mark Sanford, Keith Winikoff, and Chuck Reilly (ABC)
    • American Idol: "Idol Gives Back" – Shiran Stotland, Eric Becker, David Eastwood, Marc Hunter, Bobby Highton, Brian Reason, Easter Xua, Danny Bonilla, George Prince, Ed Horton, John Repczynski, Suzanne Ebner, Diane Beiderbeck, William Chaikowski, Alex Hernandez, and Mark Sanford (Fox)
    • Hansel and Gretel (Great Performances at the Met) – Jon Pretnar, Miguel Armstrong, Bill Finley, Manny Gutierrez, Charlie Huntley, John "Kosmo" Kosmaczewski, Alain Onesto, Tim Quigley, Mark Renaudin, David Smith, Larry Solomon, Jim Tufaro, Ron Washburn, Mark Whitman, Jeff Muhlstock, Claus Stuhlweissenburg, Billy Steinberg, Matty Randazzo, and Paul Ranieri (PBS)
    • Justin Timberlake: FutureSex/LoveShow – Keith Winikoff, Ted Ashton, Rob Balton, John Burdick, Robert Delrusso, Manny Gutierrez, Ray Hoover, Gene Kelly, Tore Livia, Steve Martyniuk, John Meiklejohn, Jay Millard, Lyn Noland, Kenneth Patterson, Tim Quigley, Brian Reason, Mark Renaudin, Carlos Rios, Jim Scurti, Eli Clarke, Freddy Frederick, Jimmy Goldsmith, Helene Haviland, Jim Yockey, Rich York, John "Kosmo" Kosmaczewski, Matty Randazzo, Paul Ranieri, and Roy Otake (HBO)



Governors Award

The Governors Award was presented to the National Geographic Channel's "Preserve Our Planet" campaign, a "long-term, multi-platform effort to help Americans understand the issues of environmental conservation and global survival".[5][6]

Nominations and wins by program

For the purposes of the lists below, any wins in juried categories are assumed to have a prior nomination.

Shows with multiple Creative Arts nominations
Nominations Show Network
15 John Adams HBO
11 30 Rock NBC
10 Mad Men AMC
8 Pushing Daisies ABC
Tin Man Sci Fi Channel
7 80th Annual Academy Awards ABC
The War PBS
6 The Andromeda Strain A&E
Dancing with the Stars ABC
5 50th Annual Grammy Awards CBS
The Amazing Race CBS
Autism: The Musical HBO
Bernard and Doris HBO
Comanche Moon CBS
The Company TNT
Lost ABC
This American Life Showtime
4 Battlestar Galactica Sci Fi Channel
Cranford (Masterpiece) PBS
Deadliest Catch Discovery Channel
Desperate Housewives ABC
Jimmy Kimmel Live! ABC
So You Think You Can Dance Fox
Ugly Betty ABC
3 American Idol CBS
American Masters PBS
Curb Your Enthusiasm HBO
Dexter Showtime
Grey's Anatomy ABC
Heroes NBC
Late Night with Conan O'Brien NBC
Life After People History Channel
MADtv Fox
Project Runway Bravo
Recount HBO
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Fox
Tracey Ullman's State of the Union Showtime
Two and a Half Men CBS
2 AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies – 10th Anniversary Edition CBS
Alive Day Memories HBO
Boston Legal ABC
Breaking Bad AMC
Californication Showtime
Chuck NBC
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation CBS
Creature Comforts America CBS
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition ABC
Flight of the Conchords HBO
High School Musical 2 Disney Channel
In Treatment HBO
Intervention A&E
Justin Timberlake: FutureSex/LoveShow HBO
Late Show with David Letterman CBS
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit NBC
Movies Rock CBS
Nip/Tuck FX
The Office NBC
Phineas and Ferb Disney Channel
Rescue Me FX
Sense & Sensibility (Masterpiece) PBS
The Simpsons Fox
Survivor CBS
Top Chef Bravo
The Tudors Showtime
Walt Whitman (American Experience) PBS
Weeds Showtime

Nominations and wins by network

Networks with multiple Creative Arts nominations
Nominations Network
50 ABC
47 HBO
40 CBS
30 NBC
29 PBS
23 Fox
17 Showtime
13 Sci Fi Channel
12 AMC
8 A&E
6 Discovery Channel
Disney Channel
5 FX
History Channel
4 Cartoon Network
2 The CW
Networks with multiple Creative Arts wins
Wins Network
16 HBO
3 Fox
2 Bravo
Cartoon Network
Sci Fi Channel


The following individuals presented awards at the ceremony:[7]


  1. ^ The outlets listed for each program are the U.S. broadcasters or streaming services identified in the nominations, which for some international productions are different than the broadcaster(s) that originally commissioned the program.
  2. ^
    • Area awards are non-competitive and nominees are considered on their own terms. Any nominee with at least two-thirds approval received an Emmy. If no nominee received two-thirds approval, the nominee with the highest approval (and a minimum majority approval) received an Emmy.[3]
    • Juried awards generally do not have nominations; instead, all entrants were screened before members of the appropriate peer group, and one, more than one, or no entry was awarded an Emmy based on the jury's vote.[3]
  3. ^ a b Finalists were announced for this juried category; they are not considered to be nominees.[4]


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60th Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards
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