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1958 Giro d'Italia

1958 Giro d'Italia
Race details
Dates18 May – 8 June 1958
Distance3,341.1 km (2,076 mi)
Winning time92h 09' 30"
Winner  Ercole Baldini (ITA) (Legnano)
  Second  Jean Brankart (BEL) (Saint Raphaël)
  Third  Charly Gaul (LUX) (Faema)

  Points  Miguel Poblet (ESP) (Ignis)
  Mountains  Jean Brankart (BEL) (Saint Raphaël)
  Sprints  Alessandro Fantini (ITA) (Atala)
  Team Carpano
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1959 →

The 1958 Giro d'Italia was the 41st running of the Giro d'Italia, one of cycling's Grand Tour races. The Giro started in Milan, on 18 May, with a 178 km (110.6 mi) stage and concluded back in Milan, on 8 June, with a 177 km (110.0 mi) leg. A total of 120 riders from 15 teams entered the 20-stage race, which was won by Italian Ercole Baldini of the Legnano team. The second and third places were taken by Belgian Jean Brankart and Luxembourgian Charly Gaul, respectively.[1][2][3][4]


A total of 15 teams were invited to participate in the 1958 Giro d'Italia.[5] Each team sent a squad of eight riders, so the Giro began with a peloton of 120 cyclists.[5] Out of the 120 riders that started this edition of the Giro d'Italia, a total of 77 riders made it to the finish in Milan.[6]

The 15 teams that took part in the race were:[5]

  • Asborno
  • Atala
  • Bianchi
  • Cali' Broni-Girardengo
  • Chlorodont
  • Faema
  • Carpano
  • Geminiani-Saint Raphaël
  • Ghigi
  • Ignis
  • Legnano
  • Mercier B.P.-St. Vincent
  • Molteni
  • San Pelligrino Sport
  • Torpado

Route and stages

The route was released on 27 March 1958 in Saint Vincent.[7][8]

The photofinish was introduced to the race, which allowed the rider's times to be determined to the hundredth of a second.[9]

Stage results[6][10][11][12]
Stage Date Course Distance Type Winner
1 18 May Milan to Varese 178 km (111 mi) Plain stage  Willy Vannitsen (BEL)
2 19 May Varese to Comerio 26 km (16 mi) Individual time trial  Ercole Baldini (ITA)
3 20 May Varese to Saint-Vincent 187 km (116 mi) Plain stage  Salvador Botella (ESP)
4 21 May Saint-Vincent to Collina di Superga 132 km (82 mi) Stage with mountain(s)  Federico Bahamontes (ESP)
5 22 May Turin to Mondovì 193 km (120 mi) Stage with mountain(s)  Alfredo Sabbadin (ITA)
6 23 May Mondovì to Chiavari 258 km (160 mi) Stage with mountain(s)  Silvano Ciampi (ITA)
7 24 May Chiavari to Forte dei Marmi 115 km (71 mi) Stage with mountain(s)  Guido Boni (ITA)
25 May Rest day
8 26 May Viareggio to Viareggio 59.1 km (37 mi) Individual time trial  Ercole Baldini (ITA)
9 27 May Florence to Viterbo 215 km (134 mi) Stage with mountain(s)  Nino Defilippis (ITA)
10 28 May Viterbo to Rome 155 km (96 mi) Plain stage  Gastone Nencini (ITA)
11 29 May Rome to Scanno 225 km (140 mi) Stage with mountain(s)  Nino Defilippis (ITA)
12 30 May Scanno to San Benedetto del Tronto 211 km (131 mi) Plain stage  Pierino Baffi (ITA)
13 31 May San Benedetto del Tronto to Cattolica 192 km (119 mi) Stage with mountain(s)  Guido Carlesi (ITA)
14 1 June City of San Marino (San Marino) to City of San Marino (San Marino) 12 km (7 mi) Individual time trial  Charly Gaul (LUX)
15 2 June Cesena to Bosco Chiesanuova 249 km (155 mi) Stage with mountain(s)  Ercole Baldini (ITA)
16 3 June Verona to Levico Terme 200 km (124 mi) Plain stage  Miguel Poblet (ESP)
4 June Rest day
17 5 June Levico Terme to Bolzano 198 km (123 mi) Stage with mountain(s)  Ercole Baldini (ITA)
18 6 June Bolzano to Trento 183 km (114 mi) Stage with mountain(s)  Gastone Nencini (ITA)
19 7 June Trento to Gardone Riviera 176 km (109 mi) Stage with mountain(s)  Miguel Poblet (ESP)
20 8 June Salò to Milan 177 km (110 mi) Plain stage  Miguel Poblet (ESP)
Total 3,341.1 km (2,076 mi)

Classification leadership

One different jersey was worn during the 1958 Giro d'Italia. The leader of the general classification – calculated by adding the stage finish times of each rider – wore a pink jersey. This classification is the most important of the race, and its winner is considered as the winner of the Giro.[13]

For the points classification, which awarded no jersey to its leader, cyclists were given points for finishing a stage in the top 15.[14] This classification was also known as the Trofeo A. Carli.[15][16] The mountains classification leader. The climbs were ranked in first[17] and second categories. In this ranking, points were won by reaching the summit of a climb ahead of other cyclists. Although no jersey was awarded, there was also one classification for the teams, in which the stage finish times of the best three cyclists per team were added; the leading team was the one with the lowest total time.[13]

Classification leadership by stage
Stage Winner General classification
A pink jersey
Points classification Mountains classification Team classification
1 Willy Vannitsen Willy Vannitsen Willy Vannitsen not awarded Ghigi
2 Ercole Baldini Ercole Baldini Miguel Poblet Legnano
3 Salvador Botella Arnaldo Pambianco Faema
4 Federico Bahamontes Aldo Moser Federico Bahamontes
5 Alfredo Sabbadin Salvador Botella
6 Silvano Ciampi Giovanni Pettinati
7 Guido Boni
8 Ercole Baldini
9 Nino Defilippis
10 Gastone Nencini
11 Nino Defilippis
12 Pierino Baffi Agonstino Colleto
13 Guido Carlesi Carpano
14 Charly Gaul
15 Ercole Baldini Ercole Baldini
16 Miguel Poblet
17 Ercole Baldini Jean Brankart
18 Gastone Nencini Faema
19 Miguel Poblet
20 Miguel Poblet Carpano
Final Ercole Baldini Miguel Poblet Jean Brankart Carpano

Final standings

General classification

Final general classification (1–10)[6][18]
Rank Name Team Time
1  Ercole Baldini (ITA) Pink jersey Legnano 92h 9' 30"
2  Jean Brankart (BEL) St. Raphaël + 4' 17"
3  Charly Gaul (LUX) Faema + 6' 07"
4  Louison Bobet (FRA) Mercier + 9' 27"
5  Gastone Nencini (ITA) Chlorodant + 10' 36"
6  Miguel Poblet (ESP) Ignis + 11' 07"
7  Jesús Loroño (ESP) Faema + 12' 12"
8  Raphaël Géminiani (FRA) St. Raphaël + 13' 12"
9  Pasquale Fornara (ITA) Ignis + 14' 13"
10  Aldo Moser (ITA) Cali + 15' 00"

Mountains classification[edit]

Final mountains classification (1–5)[6][19]
Name Team Points
1  Jean Brankart (BEL) St. Raphaël 56
2  Ercole Baldini (ITA) Pink jersey Legnano 39
3  Charly Gaul (LUX) Faema 38
4  Federico Bahamontes (ESP) Faema 37
5  Nino Defilippis (ITA) Carpano 19

Points classification[edit]

Final points classification (1–5)[3][6][18][19][20]
Name Team Points
1  Miguel Poblet (ESP) Ignis 182
2  Ercole Baldini (ITA) Pink jersey Legnano 144
3  Jean Brankart (BEL) St. Raphaël 111
4  Gastone Nencini (ITA) Chlorodant 96
5  Nino Defilippis (ITA) Carpano 82.5
6  Giuseppe Fallarini (ITA) Asborno 81
7  Louison Bobet (FRA) Mercier 80
8  Charly Gaul (LUX) Faema 77
9  Josef Planckaert (BEL) Carpano 70
 Rino Benedetti (ITA) Cali

Intermediate sprints classification[edit]

Final intermediate sprints classification (1–9)[18][19][21]
Name Team Points
1  Alessandro Fantini (ITA) Atala 35
2  Vito Favero (ITA) Atala 28
3  Pierino Baffi (ITA) Chlorodont 21
4  Miguel Poblet (ESP) Ignis 18
5  Giorgio Menini (ITA) San Pellegrino 13
6  Mario Baroni (ITA) Torpado 10
7  Nino Catalano (ITA) Cali 8
8  Guido Carlesi (ITA) Chlorodont 6
9  Waldemaro Bartolozzi (ITA) Legnano 5
 Guido Boni (ITA) Bianchi
 Jesús Galdeano (ESP) Faema
 Cleto Maule (ITA) Torpado
 Federico Bahamontes (ESP) Faema
 Bruno Tognaccini (ITA) Ignis
 Giuseppe Pintarelli (ITA) Cali
 Armando Pellegrini (ITA) Faema

Team classification[edit]

Final team classification (1–7)[6][18][19]
Team Time
1 Carpano 276h 41' 22"
2 Faema + 6' 13"
3 St. Raphaël + 41' 23"
4 San Pellegrino + 53' 08"
5 Atala + 1h 04' 32"
6 Legnano + 1h 15' 56"
7 Ignis + 1h 21' 48"

Minor awards

The race jury and the director established a classification for awards "on merit", which Giorgio Menini (San Pellegrino) won with six points.[21] With this classification victory, Menini won 300,000 lire.[21] Guido Boni (Bianchi), Guido Carlesi (Chlorodont), Alfredo Zagano (Asborno), Jesús Galdeano (Faema), and Gianni Ferlenghi (Bianchi) placed second in the classification and split 300,000 lire.[21]



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1958 Giro d'Italia
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