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Results breakdown of the 2011 Hong Kong local elections

2011 Hong Kong local elections
Hong Kong
← 2007 6 November 2011 2015 →
Turnout41.49% Increase
Party Leader % Seats +/–
DAB Tam Yiu-chung 23.89% 136 +16
Democratic Albert Ho 17.42% 47 −3
ADPL Bruce Liu 3.85% 15 −2
Civil Force Ho Hau-cheung 2.98% 15 −3
FTU Cheng Yiu-tong 3.10% 11 +7
Liberal Miriam Lau 1.98% 9 +3
Neo Democrats Gary Fan & others 2.15% 8 0
Civic Alan Leong 4.03% 7 −5
NWSC Leung Yiu-chung 1.22% 5 +2
NPP Regina Ip 1.32% 4 +3
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.

This is the results breakdown of the Hong Kong district council elections, 2011. The results are generated from the Registration and Electoral Office website and 1to

Result overview

Central and Western

Code Constituency Incumbent Pro-democracy Candidate(s) Pro-Beijing Candidate(s) Other Candidate(s) Results
A01 Chung Wan Yuen Bun-keung (DP) Hui Chi-fung (DP)
So Ho (PP/PV)
Wai Pui-shuen (Ind) Democratic hold
A02 Mid Levels East Jackie Cheung Yick-hung (Ind) Wilhelm Tang Wai-chung (DP) Jackie Cheung Yick-hung (Ind) Chan Pui-yi (Ind) Independent hold
A03 Castle Road Cheng Lai-king (DP) Cheng Lai-king (DP) Pak Fu-hung (Ind) Democratic hold
A04 Peak Tanya Chan (Civ) Tanya Chan (Civ) Joseph Chan Ho-lim (LP) Liberal gain from Civic
A05 University Chan Chit-kwai (Ind) Tsui Kit-sang (LSD) Chan Chit-kwai (Ind) Independent hold
A06 Kennedy Town & Mount Davis Chan Hok-fung (DAB) Bonnie Ng Hoi-yan (DP) Chan Hok-fung (DAB) DAB hold
A07 Kwun Lung Ip Kwok-him (DAB) Leung Kwok-hung (LSD) Ip Kwok-him (DAB) DAB hold
A08 Sai Wan Chan Tak-chor (Ind) Winfield Chong Wing-fai (DP) Cheung Kwok-kwan (DAB) DAB gain from Independent
A09 Belcher Yeung Sui-yin (DP) Yeung Sui-yin (DP)
William Wong Ka-lok (PP/PV)
Malcolm Lam Wai-wing (Ind) Independent gain from Democratic
A10 Shek Tong Tsui Chan Choi-hi (Ind) Ching Ming-tat (Ind) Chan Choi-hi (Ind) Independent hold
A11 Sai Ying Pun Lo Yee-hang (DAB) Yong Chak-cheong (DP)
Yuen Man-ho (PP/PV)
Lo Yee-hang (DAB) DAB hold
A12 Sheung Wan Kam Nai-wai (DP) Kam Nai-wai (DP)
Yim Tat-ming (PP/PV)
Chan Yin-ho (Ind) Democratic hold
A13 Tung Wah Frederick Ho Chun-ki (DP) Frederick Ho Chun-ki (DP)
Lee Siu-cheong (PP/PV)
Siu Ka-yi (DAB) DAB gain from Democratic
A14 Centre Street Sidney Lee Chi-hang (Ind) Wong Ho-yin (LJL) Sidney Lee Chi-hang (Ind) Independent hold
A15 Water Street Wong Kin-shing (DP) Wong Kin-shing (DP)
Leslie Spencer Tai Cheuk-yin (Ind)
Yeung Hok-ming (DAB) Democratic hold

Wan Chai

Code Constituency Incumbent Pro-democracy Candidate(s) Pro-Beijing Candidate(s) Other Candidate(s) Results
B01 Hennessy Cheng Ki-kin (Ind) Cheng Ki-kin (Ind) Catherine Wong Kit-ning (Ind) Independent hold
B02 Oi Kwan Anna Tang King-yung (DAB) Li Kin-yin (DP) Anna Tang King-yung (DAB) DAB hold
B03 Canal Road Jacqueline Chung Ka-man (DAB) Jacqueline Chung Ka-man (DAB) DAB uncontested
B04 Causeway Bay Yolanda Ng Yuen-ting (Ind) Fong Yik-lam (DP)
Kong Kwok-chu (PP)
Yolanda Ng Yuen-ting (Ind) Independent hold
B05 Tai Hang Wong Chor-fung (NPP) Sin Chung-kai (DP)
Christopher Lau Gar-hung (PP/PV)
Wong Chor-fung (NPP) Richard Shum See-hoi (Ind) NPP hold
B06 Jardine's Lookout David Lai (Ind) David Lai (Ind) Lee Ian-eon (LP) Lee Chak-man (Ind) Independent hold
B07 Broadwood Michael Mak Kwok-fung (LSD) Michael Mak Kwok-fung (LSD) Pamela Peck Wan-kam (Ind) Independent gain from LSD
B08 Happy Valley Ng Kam-chun (Ind) Tsang Kin-chiu (Civ) Ng Kam-chun (Ind) Independent hold
B09 Stubbs Road Wong Wang-tai (Ind) Ng Yin-keung (Civ) Wong Wang-tai (Ind) Independent hold
B10 Southorn Lee Pik-yee (Ind) Chung Chor-kit (PD) Lee Pik-yee (Ind) Independent hold
B11 Tai Fat Hau Kenny Lee Kwun-yee (DAB) Lo Kin-ming (PD) Kenny Lee Kwun-yee (DAB) DAB hold


Code Constituency Incumbent Pro-democracy Candidate(s) Pro-Beijing Candidate(s) Other Candidate(s) Results
C01 Tai Koo Shing West Andrew Chiu Ka-yin (DP) Andrew Chiu Ka-yin (DP) Ang Kai-teng (NPP) Democratic hold
C02 Tai Koo Shing East Tso Hon-kwong (Ind) Tso Hon-kwong (Ind) Tse Tsz-kei (NPP) NPP gain from Independent
C03 Lei King Wan Alexander Fu Yuen-cheung (Ind) Yim Ka-ming (DP) Alexander Fu Yuen-cheung (Ind) Independent hold
C04 Aldrich Bay Ngan Chun-lim (DAB) Ngan Chun-lim (DAB) DAB uncontested
C05 Shaukeiwan Lo Tip-chun (DAB) Chung Shek-yan (LSD) Lo Tip-chun (DAB) DAB hold
C06 A Kung Ngam Daniel To Boon-man (Ind) Daniel To Boon-man (Ind)
Georage Lam Kei-tung (Ind)
Cheng Hing (Ind)
Independent hold
C07 Heng Fa Chuen Manuel Chan Tim-shing (Ind) Manuel Chan Tim-shing (Ind) Stanley Ho Ngai-kam (FTU) FTU gain from Independent
C08 Tsui Wan Ku Kwai-yiu (LSD) Ku Kwai-yiu (LSD) Kwan Shui-lung (DAB) DAB gain from LSD
C09 Yan Lam Wong Kin-hing (Ind) Cupid Leung Chun-kin (DP) Wong Kin-hing (Ind) Independent hold
C10 Siu Sai Wan Chan Oi-kwan (DAB/FTU) Chan Oi-kwan (DAB/FTU) DAB/FTU uncontested
C11 King Yee David Leung Kwok-hung (DAB/FTU) Chan Yiu-tak (DP) David Leung Kwok-hung (DAB/FTU) Yeung Hon-sing (Ind) DAB/FTU hold
C12 Wan Tsui Kung Pak-cheung (DAB) Kung Pak-cheung (DAB) DAB uncontested
C13 Fei Tsui Joseph Lai Chi-keong (Civ) Joseph Lai Chi-keong (Civ) Chao Shing-kie (DAB) Civic hold
C14 Mount Parker Wong Kin-pan (DAB) Wong Kin-pan (DAB) DAB uncontested
C15 Braemar Hill Shiu Ka-fai (LP) Shiu Ka-fai (LP) Liberal uncontested
C16 Tin Hau Joey Lee Man-lung (Ind) Chan Kin-kwok (DP) Joey Lee Man-lung (Ind) Independent hold
C17 Fortress Hill Frankie Lo Wing-kwan (Ind) Frankie Lo Wing-kwan (Ind) Independent uncontested
C18 Victoria Park Jennifer Chow Kit-bing (Ind) Jennifer Chow Kit-bing (Ind) Independent uncontested
C19 City Garden Hui Ching-on (Ind) Hung Pak-cheung (Civ) Hui Ching-on (Ind) Independent hold
C20 Provident Kwok Wai-keung (FTU/DAB) Kwok Wai-keung (FTU/DAB) FTU/DAB uncontested
C21 Fort Street Hung Lin-cham (DAB) Hung Lin-cham (DAB) DAB uncontested
C22 Kam Ping Choy So-yuk (DAB) Choy So-yuk (DAB) DAB uncontested
C23 Tanner Desmond Lee Yu-tai (Ind) Desmond Lee Yu-tai (Ind) Kay Yim Fung-chi (Ind)
Wong Shing-kwong (Ind)
Independent hold
C24 Healthy Village Cheng Chi-sing (DAB) Cheng Chi-sing (DAB) DAB uncontested
C25 Quarry Bay Eddie Ting Kong-ho (DAB) Eddie Ting Kong-ho (DAB) DAB uncontested
C26 Nam Fung Leung Suk-ching (DP) Leung Suk-ching (DP)
Fok Wing-yi (LSD)
Ng Lai-ching (Ind) Democratic hold
C27 Kornhill Chan Kai-yuen (Civ) Chan Kai-yuen (Civ) Wong King (Ind) Civic hold
C28 Kornhill Garden Leung Siu-sun (Civ) Leung Siu-sun (Civ) Rhoda Liu Mei-ling (Ind) Hung Hin-tim (Ind) Civic hold
C29 Hing Tung Wong Yuet-mui (Ind) Lai Pui-sang (LSD) Hui Lam-hing (Ind)
Wong Tak-shing (Ind)
Wong Yuet-mui (Ind)
Hung Chi-kit (Ind) Independent gain from Independent
C30 Sai Wan Ho Kong Chack-ho (Ind) John Chan Hin-chung (Ind) Kong Chack-ho (Ind) Independent hold
C31 Lower Yiu Tung Hui Ka-hoo (DAB) Ng Kam-wai (DP) Hui Ka-hoo (DAB) DAB hold
C32 Upper Yiu Tung Chiu Chi-keong (FTU/DAB) Chiu Chi-keong (FTU/DAB) FTU/DAB uncontested
C33 Hing Man Chao Shing-kie (DAB) Ho Man-wing (LSD) Lau Hing-yeung (DAB) DAB hold
C34 Lok Hong Tsang Kin-shing (LSD) Tsang Kin-shing (LSD) Li Chun-chau (Ind) Lui Sin-yi (Ind) Independent gain from LSD
C35 Tsui Tak Lui Chi-man (Ind) Lui Chi-man (Ind) Lee Chun-keung (LP) Liberal gain from Independent
C36 Yue Wan Christopher Chung Shu-kun (DAB) Christopher Chung Shu-kun (DAB) DAB uncontested
C37 Kai Hiu Lam Chui-lin (Ind) Lam Chui-lin (Ind) Ng Mei-yung (Ind)
Joseph Lau Hao-king (Ind)
Leung Chi-wai (Ind)
Independent hold


Code Constituency Incumbent Pro-democracy Candidate(s) Pro-Beijing Candidate(s) Other Candidate(s) Results
D01 Aberdeen Vincent Wong Lin-sun (Ind) Vincent Wong Lin-sun (Ind) Independent uncontested
D02 Ap Lei Chau Estate Lam Yuk-chun (Ind) Lam Yuk-chun (Ind) Independent uncontested
D03 Ap Lei Chau North Cheung Sik-yung (Ind) Cheung Sik-yung (Ind) Cheung Wing-ho (Ind) Independent hold
D04 Lei Tung I Cheung Siu-keung (Ind) Au Nok-hin (DP)
Chan Fung-wah (PP)
Cheung Siu-keung (Ind) Democratic gain from Independent
D05 Lei Tung II Wong Che-ngai (Ind) Lo Kin-hei (DP)
Lo Chung-man (PP)
Wong Che-ngai (Ind) Democratic gain from Independent
D06 South Horizons East Lam Kai-fai (Ind) Kwok Wing-hang (Civ) Lam Kai-fai (Ind) Independent hold
D07 South Horizons West Fung Wai-kwong (DP) Fung Wai-kwong (DP)
Anthony Lam Yue-yeung (PP/PV)
Kwai Sze-kit (Ind)
Sze Chun-fai (NPP) Democratic hold
D08 Wah Kwai Ada Mak Tse How-ling (DAB) Yeung Siu-pik (DP) Ada Mak Tse How-ling (DAB) DAB hold
D09 Wah Fu I Au Lap-sing (Ind) Li Shee-lin (DP) Au Lap-sing (Ind) Wong Wing-lit (Ind) Independent hold
D10 Wah Fu II Chai Man-hon (DP) Chai Man-hon (DP) Wong Choi-lap (DAB) Democratic hold
D11 Pokfulam Paulus Johannes Zimmerman (Civ) Paulus Johannes Zimmerman (Civ) Yim Kin-ping (Ind) Civic hold
D12 Chi Fu Chu Ching-hong (Ind) Chu Ching-hong (Ind) Independent uncontested
D13 Tin Wan Chan Fu-ming (Ind) Chan Fu-ming (Ind) Independent uncontested
D14 Shek Yue Mar Yuet-har (Ind) Chu Lap-wai (DAB) Zico Man Ho-keung (Ind) DAB gain from Independent
D15 Wong Chuk Hang Tsui Yuen-wa (DP) Tsui Yuen-wa (DP) Yuen Chi-kwong (DAB/FTU) Democratic hold
D16 Bays Area Fergus Fung Se-goun (LP) Albert Lai Kwong-tak (Civ) Fergus Fung Se-goun (LP) Liberal hold
D17 Stanley & Shek O Lee Pui-ying (Ind) Lee Pui-ying (Ind)
Wong Kam-chuen (LP)
Independent hold

Yau Tsim Mong

Code Constituency Incumbent Pro-democracy Candidate(s) Pro-Beijing Candidate(s) Other Candidate(s) Results
E01 Tsim Sha Tsui West Hung Chiu-wah (DAB) David Yam Siu-wai (Ind) Hung Chiu-wah (DAB) DAB hold
E02 Jordan East Chris Ip Ngo-tung (DAB) Alexis Chan Kin-shing (DP) Chris Ip Ngo-tung (DAB) Li King-wah (Ind)
Simon Ho Ka-kuen (HKAA)
DAB hold
E03 Jordan West Chan Siu-tong (DAB) Sarah Kumar Limbu (SDA) Chan Siu-tong (DAB) Lam Yi-lai (HKAA) DAB hold
E04 Yau Ma Tei Yeung Tsz-hei (DAB) Austen Ng Po-shan (ADPL) Yeung Tsz-hei (DAB) DAB hold
E05 Charming Chung Kong-mo (DAB) Yeung Ke-cheong (LSD) Chung Kong-mo (DAB) DAB hold
E06 Mong Kok West Hui Tak-leung (Ind) Foo Pui-man (Ind) Hui Tak-leung (Ind)
Lam Chun-sing (Ind)
Independent hold
E07 Fu Pak Chan Wai-keung (Ind) Chan Wai-keung (Ind) Independent uncontested
E08 Olympic New Seat James To Kun-sun (DP)
Alaric Bazanio Chu King-leung (PP)
Vincent Lau Kai-kit (LP) Democratic gain new seat
E09 Cherry Lam Ho-yeung (DP) Lam Ho-yeung (DP)
Yam Wing-keung (PP)
John Wong-chung (Ind) Independent gain from Democratic
E10 Tai Kok Tsui South Benjamin Choi Siu-fung (DAB/FTU) Lee Wai-fung (DP)
Tsang Chun-ying (LSD)
Benjamin Choi Siu-fung (DAB/FTU) DAB/FTU hold
E11 Tai Kok Tsui North Henry Chan Man-yu (Ind) Wong Ka-ying (Civ)
Chun Fei-pang (Ind)
Lau Pak-kei (DAB/FTU) Poon Chuk-hung (Ind) DAB/FTU gain from Independent
E12 Tai Nan Francis Chong Wing-charn (Ind) Henry Chan Man-yu (Ind)
Avery Ng Man-yuen (LSD)
Francis Chong Wing-charn (Ind)
Tam Kam-lin (FLU)
Independent hold
E13 Mong Kok North Rowena Wong Shu-ming (Ind) Ip Shu-on (Civ) Rowena Wong Shu-ming (Ind) Independent hold
E14 Mong Kok East Law Wing-cheung (Ind) Lau Chun-yip (DP)
Yuen Chiu-tat (PP/TF)
James Lung Wai-man (SDA)
Wong Kin-san (Ind) Independent gain from Independent
E15 Mong Kok South Chow Chun-fai (Ind) Yuen Hoi-man (DP) Chow Chun-fai (Ind) Independent hold
E16 King's Park Edward Leung Wai-kuen (Ind) Lam Kin-man (ADPL) Edward Leung Wai-kuen (Ind) Lee Kwok-keung (TUC)
Wong Shu-kau (Ind)
Independent hold
E17 Tsim Sha Tsui East Kwan Sau-ling (DAB) Harminder Singh (Civ)
Liu Siu-fai (PP)
Kwan Sau-ling (DAB) Monesh Gopaldas Ahuja (Ind)
Hiro Kishinchand Hathiramni (Ind)
DAB hold

Sham Shui Po

Code Constituency Incumbent Pro-democracy Candidate(s) Pro-Beijing Candidate(s) Other Candidate(s) Results
F01 Po Lai Leung Yau-fong (ADPL) Leung Yau-fong (ADPL)
Lau Tit-wai (PP)
So Chun-man (Ind) ADPL hold
F02 Cheung Sha Wan Aaron Lam Ka-fai (Ind) Aaron Lam Ka-fai (Ind) Independent uncontested
F03 Nam Cheong North Vincent Cheng Wing-shun (DAB) Leung Lai (ADPL)
Lo Wai-yin (PP)
Vincent Cheng Wing-shun (DAB) DAB hold
F04 Shek Kip Mei & Nam Cheong East Tam Kwok-kiu (ADPL) Tsung Po-shan (ADPL)
Tsang Ting-hin (PP)
Law Kam-yau (Ind) ADPL hold
F05 Nam Cheong South Wong Kam-kuen (FLU) Gordon Fong Ka-keung (CYRSC) Lee Wing-man (FLU) FLU hold
F06 Nam Cheong Central Lau Puk-yuk (DAB) Mak Wai-ming (Ind) Lau Puk-yuk (DAB) DAB hold
F07 Nam Cheong West Wai Woon-nam (ADPL) Wai Woon-nam (ADPL) Chan Kin-man (FTU/DAB) ADPL hold
F08 Fu Cheong Tracy Lai Wai-lin (ADPL) Tracy Lai Wai-lin (ADPL)
Ip Chee-tak (PP)
Leung Man-kwong (FCERA) Fu Cheong Estate RA gain from ADPL
F09 Lai Kok Frederick Fung Kin-kee (ADPL) Frederick Fung Kin-kee (ADPL)
Chiu Chik-tung (PP)
Fan Kwok-fai (FTU/DAB) Chung Wing-yuen (Ind) ADPL hold
F10 Fortune Chum Tak-shing (ADPL) Chum Tak-shing (ADPL) Leung Ming-yin (DAB) ADPL hold
F11 Lai Chi Kok South Wong Chi-yung (ADPL) Wong Chi-yung (ADPL) Leung Un-shing (DAB) ADPL hold
F12 Mei Foo South Joe Wong Tak-chuen (Civ) Joe Wong Tak-chuen (Civ) Wong Tat-tung (DAB) Ken Chan Kin-chun (Ind) DAB gain from Civic
F13 Mei Foo Central Shum Siu-hung (Ind) Ng Yuet-lan (Civ)
Judey Tzeng Li-wen (PP)
Shum Siu-hung (Ind) Independent hold
F14 Mei Foo North Ambrose Cheung Wing-sum (Ind) Alpha Keung Chung-yin (Civ) Ambrose Cheung Wing-sum (Ind) Independent hold
F15 Lai Chi Kok North Chong Chi-tat (DP) Wong Leung-hi (DP)
Tam Sai-kit
Bruce Li Ki-fung (Ind)[1] Leung Chiu-hung (Ind)
Lai Chi-leung (Ind)
Independent gain from Democratic
F16 Un Chau & So Uk Chan Wai-ming (DAB) Sze Tak-loy (ADPL)
Tang Mei-ching (LSD)
Chan Wai-ming (DAB) DAB hold
F17 Lei Cheng Uk Kwun Sai-leung (ADPL) Kong Kwai-sang (ADPL)
Chin Wai-lok (PP)
Chan Keng-chau (Ind) Independent gain from ADPL
F18 Ha Pak Tin Yan Kai-wing (Ind) Yan Kai-wing (Ind)
Yeung Yuk (ADPL)
Independent hold
F19 Yau Yat Tsuen Kwok Chun-wah (Ind) Lee Kin-kan (ADPL) Kwok Chun-wah (Ind) Independent hold
F20 Nam Shan, Tai Hang Tung & Tai Hang Sai Wong Kwai-wan (ADPL) Tam Kwok-kiu (ADPL) Wai Hoi-ying (Ind)
Louis Lui Man-fung (Ind)
Independent gain from ADPL
F21 Lung Ping & Sheung Pak Tin Carman Ng Mei (ADPL) Carman Ng Mei (ADPL)
Cheung Pun-chiu (PP)
Chan Kin-yip (LP) ADPL hold

Kowloon City

Code Constituency Incumbent Pro-democracy Candidate(s) Pro-Beijing Candidate(s) Other Candidate(s) Results
G01 Ma Tau Wai Rosanda Mok Ka-han (ADPL) Rosanda Mok Ka-han (ADPL) Lam Sum-lim (DAB/FTU) ADPL hold
G02 Ma Hang Chung Wong Yun-cheong (DAB/FTU) Yu Chung-yin (ADPL) Wong Yun-cheong (DAB/FTU) Yau Lau-chun (Ind) DAB/FTU hold
G03 Ma Tau Kok Li Lin (Ind) Li Lin (Ind) Leung Koon-wah (Ind) Independent hold
G04 Lok Man Yang Wing-kit (Ind) Yang Wing-kit (Ind) Independent uncontested
G05 Sheung Lok Luk King-kwong (DAB) Wong Wing-kit (ADPL) Luk King-kwong (DAB) DAB hold
G06 Ho Man Tin Ng Ching-man (Civ) Ng Ching-man (Civ) Cheng Lee-ming (Ind) Independent gain from Civic
G07 Kadoorie Chan King-wong (Ind) Siu Leong-sing (ADPL)
Tsang Wai-hin (PP)
Chan King-wong (Ind) ADPL gain from Independent
G08 Prince Wong Yee-him (Ind) Tang Chi-ying (Civ) Wong Yee-him (Ind) Independent hold
G09 Kowloon Tong Ho Hin-ming (LP) Ho Hin-ming (LP) Liberal uncontested
G10 Lung Shing Ng Po-keung (DAB/FTU) Chan Tsun-kiu (PP) Ng Po-keung (DAB/FTU) DAB/FTU hold
G11 Kai Tak Liu Sing-lee (ADPL) Yeung Chun-yu (ADPL)
Lee Hon-sam (PP)
Alexander Ip Chi-wai (ES)
Cheung Fan-lan (DAB/FTU)
ADPL hold
G12 Hoi Sham Pun Kwok-wah (DAB) Pun Kwok-wah (DAB) Edwin Town Man-hoi (Ind) DAB hold
G13 To Kwa Wan North Starry Lee Wai-king (DAB) Cody Wong Tze-hei (DP) Starry Lee Wai-king (DAB) DAB hold
G14 To Kwa Wan South Pun Chi-man (DP) Pun Chi-man (DP) Ng Yuen-tat (Ind)[1] Democratic hold
G15 Hok Yuen Laguna Verde Siu Yuen-sheung (DAB) Ip Kwan-ho (Civ) Siu Yuen-sheung (DAB) DAB hold
G16 Whampoa East Leung Mei-fun (Ind) Wong Pik-wan (DP)
Jeff Au Yeung Ying-kit (PP/PV)
Leung Mei-fun (Ind) Independent hold
G17 Whampoa West Lau Wai-wing (Ind) Lo Chun-kit (DP) Lau Wai-wing (Ind) Independent hold
G18 Hung Hom Bay Cheung Yan-hong (Ind) Foo Wai-lok (PP) Cheung Yan-hong (Ind) Independent hold
G19 Hung Hom Pius Yum Kwok-tung (ADPL) Pius Yum Kwok-tung (ADPL)
Wong Chi-keung (CYRSC)
Chan Chung-cheung (DAB) ADPL hold
G20 Ka Wai Lo Chiu-kit (Ind) Tsang Chiu-wai (PP) Lo Chiu-kit (Ind) Lee Chi-ching (HHSCO) Independent hold
G21 Oi Man Chan Lai-kwan (DP) Chan Lai-kwan (DP) Ng Fan-kam (DAB) DAB gain from Democratic
G22 Oi Chun Cho Wui-hung (Ind) Chan Yau-cheong (Civ) Cho Wui-hung (Ind) Chan Yin-ling (Ind) Independent hold

Wong Tai Sin

Code Constituency Incumbent Pro-democracy Candidate(s) Pro-Beijing Candidate(s) Other Candidate(s) Results
H01 Lung Tsui Wong Kam-chi (Ind) Wong Kam-chi (Ind) Independent uncontested
H02 Lung Ha Kwok Sau-ying (Ind) Kwok Sau-ying (Ind) Lee Tung-kong (DAB) Independent hold
H03 Lung Sheung Lam Man-fai (DAB) Lam Wai-kei (DP)
Edward Yum Liang-hsien (PP)
Chan Yuen-han (FTU) FTU gain from DAB
H04 Fung Wong Joe Chan Yim-kwong (Ind) Joe Chan Yim-kwong (Ind)
Wong Hin-wai (LSD)
Cheung Chi-wang (LP) Independent hold
H05 Fung Tak Kan Chi-ho (DAB) Kan Chi-ho (DAB) Wong Kwok-keung (Ind)
Ferdinand Fu Moon-fong (Ind)
DAB hold
H06 Lung Sing Choi Luk-sing (Ind) Tam Heung-man (Ind) Choi Luk-sing (Ind) Simon Chan Wai-sun (Ind) Independent gain from Independent
H07 San Po Kong Lee Tat-yan (Ind) Paul Leung Yat-ming (LSD) Lee Tat-yan (Ind)
Wat Ki-on (NPP)
Independent hold
H08 Tung Tau Li Tak-hong (DAB) Li Tak-hong (DAB) DAB uncontested
H09 Tung Mei Mok Ying-fan (ADPL) Mok Ying-fan (ADPL) Lam Man-fai (DAB) ADPL hold
H10 Lok Fu Andie Chan Wai-kwan (Ind) Andie Chan Wai-kwan (Ind) Independent uncontested
H11 Wang Tau Hom Joe Lai Wing-ho (DAB) Wong Shun-yin (Civ) Joe Lai Wing-ho (DAB) DAB hold
H12 Tin Keung Chan On-tai (LP) Wong Hok-ming (Civ) Chan On-tai (LP) Liberal hold
H13 Tsui Chuk & Pang Ching So Sik-kin (Ind) So Sik-kin (Ind) Independent uncontested
H14 Chuk Yuen South Hui Kam-shing (ADPL) Hui Kam-shing (ADPL) Chong Chak-choi (FTU) ADPL hold
H15 Chuk Yuen North Andrew To Kwan-hang (LSD) Andrew To Kwan-hang (LSD) Roy Ting Chi-wai (Ind) Chan Ka-wai (Ind) Independent gain from LSD
H16 Tsz Wan West Yuen Kwok-keung (DAB) Lui Wing-kei (DP) Yuen Kwok-keung (DAB) DAB hold
H17 Ching Oi Maggie Chan Man-ki (DAB) Maggie Chan Man-ki (DAB) DAB uncontested
H18 Ching On Wong Yat-yuk (Ind) Wong Yat-yuk (Ind) Chan Chak-sum (FTU) Independent hold
H19 Tsz Wan East Ho Hon-man (DAB/FTU) Ho Hon-man (DAB/FTU) DAB/FTU uncontested
H20 King Fu Wu Chi-wai (DP) Wu Chi-wai (DP) Guo Shan-zhen (Ind) Democratic hold
H21 Choi Wan East Wong Kwok-tung (DP) Wong Kwok-tung (DP) Timothy Choy Tsz-kin (DAB) Lok Wai-chuen (Ind) Democratic hold
H22 Choi Wan South Chan Lee-shing (DP) Sum Wan-wa (DP) Cheung Sze-chun (DAB) Democratic hold
H23 Choi Wan West Chui Pak-tai (DP) Chui Pak-tai (DP) Tam Mei-po (DAB/FTU) Leung Chun-wah (Ind) DAB/FTU gain from Democratic
H24 Chi Choi Ho Yin-fai (DAB/FTU) Chui Ka-chun (DP) Ho Yin-fai (DAB/FTU) DAB/FTU hold
H25 Choi Hung Mok Kin-wing (FTU/DAB) Tsoi Chi-yin (CHESSA) Mok Kin-wing (FTU/DAB) FTU/DAB hold

Kwun Tong

Code Constituency Incumbent Pro-democracy Candidate(s) Pro-Beijing Candidate(s) Other Candidate(s) Results
J01 Kwun Tong Central Nelson Chan Wah-yu (Ind) Lai Yuen-pan (Ind) Nelson Chan Wah-yu (Ind) Ricky Tsui Wing-chuen (Ind) Independent hold
J02 Kowloon Bay Winnie Poon Yam Wai-chun (Ind) Winnie Poon Yam Wai-chun (Ind) Alex Tou Tat-lung (Ind) Independent hold
J03 Kai Yip Sze Lun-hung (DAB) Sze Lun-hung (DAB) DAB uncontested
J04 Lai Ching Poon Chun-yuen (DAB) Sunny Chan Tsz-kit (Civ) Poon Chun-yuen (DAB) DAB hold
J05 Ping Shek Bernard Chan Pak-li (DAB) Lam Sum-shing (LSD) Bernard Chan Pak-li (DAB) DAB hold
J06 Sheung Choi New Seat Ying Wing-ho (DP)
Wong Ka-lok (LSD)
Tam Siu-cheuk (DAB) DAB gain new seat
J07 Jordan Valley Wong Wai-tag (DP) Wong Wai-tag (DP) Ngan Man-yu (DAB) DAB gain from Democratic
J08 Shun Tin Kwok Bit-chun (DAB/FTU) Kwok Bit-chun (DAB/FTU) DAB/FTU uncontested
J09 Sheung Shun Fu Pik-chun (Ind) Fu Pik-chun (Ind) Independent uncontested
J10 On Lee Choy Chak-hung (Ind) Choy Chak-hung (Ind) Independent uncontested
J11 Po Tat Hung Kam-in (DAB) Hung Kam-in (DAB) DAB uncontested
J12 Sau Mau Ping North Ng Siu-cheung (Ind) Kai Ming-wah (DP) Wong Chun-ping (Ind) Independent gain from Independent
J13 Hiu Lai So Lai-chun (Ind) So Lai-chun (Ind) Li Kong-sang (Ind) Independent hold
J14 Sau Mau Ping South Mak Fu-ling (DAB) Li Yiu-kee (DP) Mak Fu-ling (DAB) DAB hold
J15 Hing Tin Chan Man-kin (DP) Chan Man-kin (DP)
Timothy Chan Tin-tsan (PP/PV)
Yu Shing-hei (FTU/DAB) Sun Hung-wa (Ind) Democratic hold
J16 Lam Tin Kan Ming-tung (DAB/FTU) Lee Kai-man (Civ) Kan Ming-tung (DAB/FTU) DAB/FTU hold
J17 Kwong Tak Wilson Or Chong-shing (DAB/FTU) Wilson Or Chong-shing (DAB/FTU) DAB/FTU uncontested
J18 Ping Tin Yiu Pak-leung (Ind) Yiu Pak-leung (Ind) Independent uncontested
J19 Pak Nga Francis Tang Chi-ho (Ind) Francis Tang Chi-ho (Ind) Ho Kai-ming (FTU) FTU gain from Independent
J20 Yau Tong East Fan Wai-kwong (Ind) Kam Cheung-cheung (DP)
Aristy Tam Shu-fan (LSD)
Cheung Ki-tang (DAB) DAB gain from Independent
J21 Yau Lai New Seat Mok Kin-shing (DP)
Au Yun-fo (LSD)
Patrick Lai Shu-ho (Ind) Independent gain new seat
J22 Chui Cheung New Seat Tse Suk-chun (Ind)
Julius Anothony Leung (PP/TF)
Lee Fung-nin (LSD)
Liu Kit-ming (NPP)
Frederick Lau Chong-him (FTU)
Independent gain new seat
J23 Yau Tong West Lui Tung-hai (Ind) Hon Ka-ming (DP) Lui Tung-hai (Ind)[1] Independent hold
J24 Laguna City Tang Wing-chun (Ind) Tang Wing-chun (Ind) Independent uncontested
J25 King Tin Cheung Shun-wah (Ind) Remzi Wu Hing-yin (LSD) Cheung Shun-wah (Ind) Independent hold
J26 Tsui Ping New Seat Lam Ka-keung (Ind) Fung Mei-wan (Ind) Independent gain new seat
J27 Po Lok Lau Ting-on (Ind) Luk Tai-hang (LSD) Lau Ting-on (Ind) Independent hold
J28 Yuet Wah Hsu Hoi-shan (Ind) Hsu Hoi-shan (Ind) Lam Chi-yau (Ind) Independent hold
J29 Hip Hong Leung Fu-Wing (Ind) David Kan Sun-wa (LSD) Bunny Chan Chung-bun (Ind) Independent gain from Independent
J30 Hong Lok Ma Yat-chiu (Ind) Lau Wai-chung (LSD) Ma Yat-chiu (Ind) Wu Kin-wa (Ind) Independent hold
J31 Ting On Wong Kai-ming (DP) Wong Kai-ming (DP) Kam Kin (Ind) [1] Democratic hold
J32 Ngau Tau Kok Ben Chan Kok-wah (DAB) Ben Chan Kok-wah (DAB) DAB uncontested
J33 To Tai Yip Hing-kwok (Ind) Yip Hing-kwok (Ind) Independent uncontested
J34 Lok Wah North Fung Kam-yuen (Ind) Yeung Kwok-hung (LSD) Fung Kam-yuen (Ind) [1] Independent hold
J35 Lok Wah South Kevin So Koon-chung (Ind) Kevin So Koon-chung (Ind) Amy Hui Wai-fung (FTU/DAB) Independent hold

Tsuen Wan

Code Constituency Incumbent Pro-democracy Candidate(s) Pro-Beijing Candidate(s) Other Candidate(s) Results
K01 Tak Wah Lo Siu-kit (Ind) Lai King-wai (DP) Lo Siu-kit (Ind)[2] Independent hold
K02 Yeung Uk Road Chan Han-pan (DAB) Yip Sui-lun (Civ) Chan Han-pan (DAB) DAB hold
K03 Hoi Bun Chow Ping-tim (Ind) Lee Wai-yee (PP) Chow Ping-tim (Ind) Cheng Pak-keung (Ind) Independent hold
K04 Clague Garden Chan Kam-lam (DAB) Eddy lam Kwong-yiu (PP) Chan Kam-lam (DAB) DAB hold
K05 Fuk Loi Kot Siu-yuen (FTU) Mui Yee-ling (DP) Kot Siu-yuen (FTU) FTU hold
K06 Discovery Park Louis Wong Yui-tak (DP) Louis Wong Yui-tak (DP) Michael Tien Puk-sun (NPP) NPP gain from Democratic
K07 Tsuen Wan Centre Cheung Ho-ming (DAB) Li Hung-por (DP) Tsang Tai (DAB) Democratic gain from DAB
K08 Allway Sarena Young Fuk-ki (Ind) Lam Yuen-pun (Ind) Independent gain from Independent
K09 Lai To Wong Wai-kit (Ind) Everest Kwok Chi-kin (PP) Wong Wai-kit (Ind) [2] Independent hold
K10 Lai Hing Albert Chan Wai-yip (PP) Jacqueline Chan So-ling (PP) Nixie Lam Lam (DAB)
Au Ming-sze (LP)
DAB gain from PP
K11 Tsuen wan Rural West Choi Shing-for (Ind) Justin Tseng Wen-tien (Ind) Moses Lee (NPP) Katherine Wong Young Mo-lin (Ind) Independent gain from Independent
K12 Tsuen Wan Rural East Chan Wai-ming (Ind) Chan Wai-ming (Ind) Independent uncontested
K13 Luk Yeung Lam Faat-kang (Ind) So Yiu-kwan (Civ) Lam Faat-kang (Ind) [2] Independent hold
K14 Lei Muk Shue East Sumly Chan Yuen-sum (Civ) Sumly Chan Yuen-sum (Civ) Lui Dik-ming (DAB) Chau Wai-yee (Ind) Civic hold
K15 Lei Muk Shue West Wong Ka-wa (Civ) Wong Ka-wa (Civ) Wong Tak-chi (FTU) Civic hold
K16 Shek Wai Kok Man Yu-ming (NTAS) Man Yu-ming (NTAS) NTAS uncontested
K17 Cheung Shek Choy Tsz-man (DP) Choy Tsz-man (DP)
Aden Wong Chi-shun (PP/TF)
Chan Chun-chung (DAB) DAB gain from Democratic

Tuen Mun

Code Constituency Incumbent Pro-democracy Candidate(s) Pro-Beijing Candidate(s) Other Candidate(s) Results
L01 Tuen Mun Town Centre Au Chi-yuen (Ind) Chan Ka-kin (DP) Au Chi-yuen (Ind)
Yeung Man-tat (NPP)
Lau Ka-lun (Ind) Independent hold
L02 Siu Chi Lam Chung-hoi (DP) Lam Chung-hoi (DP) Law Yiu-chuen (Ind) [2] Wong Ka-leung (Ind) Democratic hold
L03 Siu Tsui Lo Man-hon (DP) Lo Man-hon (DP)
Ho Wing-tung (PP)
Yip Man-pan (DAB) Democratic hold
L04 On Ting Kong Fung-yi (ADPL) Kong Fung-yi (ADPL) Leung Chi-ho (FTU/DAB) ADPL hold
L05 Yau Oi South Cheung Yuet-lan (DP) Cheung Yuet-lan (DP)
Lai Ka-long (PP/PV)
Tsang Hin-hong (DAB) DAB gain from Democratic
L06 Yau Oi North Chan Wan-sang (DAB) Lam Lap (DP) Chan Wan-sang (DAB) DAB hold
L07 Tsui Hing Chu Yiu-wah (Ind) Ng Siu-hong (DP) Chu Yiu-wah (Ind) Independent hold
L08 Shan King Ng Koon-hung (Ind) Ng Koon-hung (Ind) Leung Man-pun (Ind) Independent hold
L09 King Hing Chan Yau-hoi (FTU/DAB) Chan Yau-hoi (FTU/DAB) FTU/DAB uncontested
L10 Hing Tsak Tsui Fan (FTU/DAB) Seto Chun-pong (DP) Tsui Fan (FTU/DAB) FTU/DAB hold
L11 San Hui Kwu Hon-keung (Ind) Ma Yuk-mui (DP) Kwu Hon-keung (Ind) Independent hold
L12 Sam Shing So Shiu-shing (Ind) So Shiu-shing (Ind) Yung Sai-ming (Ind) Independent hold
L13 Hanford Li Kwai-fong (Ind) Beatrice Chu Shun-nga (DP) Keung Kai-pong (Ind) Li Kwai-fong (Ind) Democratic gain from Independent
L14 Fu Sun Lung Kang-san (Ind) Lung Kang-san (Ind) Ho Pui-han (Ind)
Elsa Li Shuk-san (Ind)
Independent hold
L15 Yuet Wu Cheung Hang-fai (DAB) Natalie Yip Lai-mei (PD) Cheung Hang-fai (DAB) Kwun Tung-wing (Ind) DAB hold
L16 Siu Hei Yim Ting-sang (ADPL) Yim Ting-sang (ADPL) Hau Kwok-tung (DAB) ADPL hold
L17 Wu King Leung Kin-man (DAB) Leung Kin-man (DAB) DAB hold
L18 Butterfly So Oi-kwan (DAB) Wan Sui-kei (PP) So Oi-kwan (DAB) Tai Yin-chiu (Ind) DAB hold
L19 Lok Tsui Ho Chun-yan (DP) Ho Chun-yan (DP)
Albert Chan Wai-yip (PP)
Shum Kam-tim (Ind)[2] Democratic hold
L20 Lung Mun Lung Shui-hing (DAB) Fung Cheuk-ki (DP)
Chan Kin-cheung (PP)
Lung Shui-hing (DAB) DAB hold
L21 San King Catherine Wong Lai-sheung (DP) Catherine Wong Lai-sheung (DP) Lee Fung-sim (DAB) Democratic hold
L22 Leung King Ching Chi-hung (DAB) Tang Wai-keung (DP) Ching Chi-hung (DAB) DAB hold
L23 Tin King Lothar Lee Hung-sham (DAB) Tsang Chun-hing (PD) Lothar Lee Hung-sham (DAB) DAB hold
L24 Po Tin So Ka-man (Ind)
Chan Sau-wan (DAB)
Chan Sau-wan (DAB) Chung Yiu-yee (Ind)
Kong Wan-ching (Ind)
Independent gain from DAB
L25 Kin Sang Chan Man-wah (DAB) Lee Kam-tim (Civ) Chan Man-wah (DAB) DAB hold
L26 Siu Hong Josephine Chan Shu-ying (DP) Josephine Chan Shu-ying (DP)
Man Chi-kit (PP)
Mo Shing-fung (DAB) Democratic hold
L27 Prime View Ho Hang-mui (DP) Ho Hang-mui (DP)
Raymond Lai (PP)
Chui Kwan-ngai (LP) Democratic hold
L28 Fu Tai Manwell Chan (FTU/DAB) Fong Lai-man (DP) Manwell Chan (FTU/DAB) FTU/DAB hold
L29 Tuen Mun Rural To Sheck-yuen (Ind) To Sheck-yuen (Ind) Independent uncontested

Yuen Long

Code Constituency Incumbent Pro-democracy Candidate(s) Pro-Beijing Candidate(s) Other Candidate(s) Results
M01 Fung Nin Lui Kin (DAB) Lee Ka-wah (PP) Lui Kin (DAB) DAB hold
M02 Shui Pin Yuen Man-yee (Ind) Yuen Man-yee (Ind)[2]
Wong Kin-wing (Ind)
Independent hold
M03 Nam Ping Zachary Wong Wai-yin (DP) Zachary Wong Wai-yin (DP) Yau Ka-keung (DAB) Democratic hold
M04 Pek Long Kwong Chun-yu (DP) Kwong Chun-yu (DP) Chan Chi-wai (DAB) Democratic hold
M05 Yuen Long Centre Siu Long-ming (DAB) Hui Chiu-fan (PP) Siu Long-ming (DAB) DAB hold
M06 Fung Cheung Mak Ip-sing (PP) Mak Ip-sing (PP) Yu Chung-leung (DAB) People Power hold
M07 Shap Pat Heung North Shum Ho-kit (Ind) Shum Ho-kit (Ind) Independent uncontested
M08 Shap Pat Heung South Lam Tim-fook (Ind) Ching Chan-ming (Ind)
Leung Ming-kin (Ind)
Independent gain from Independent
M09 Ping Shan South Wong Shing-tong (Ind) Cheung Muk-lam (NTAS)
Wong Shing-tong (Ind)
NTAS gain from Independent
M10 Ping Shan North Tang Hing-ip (Ind) Tang Hing-ip (Ind) Independent uncontested
M11 Ha Tsuen Tang Ka-leung (Ind) Tang Ka-leung (Ind) Independent uncontested
M12 Tin Shing Chan Wai-ching (Ind) Chan Sze-ching (LP)
Chan Wai-ching (Ind)
Liberal gain from Independent
M13 Shui Oi Kwok Keung (DAB) Kwok Keung (DAB) DAB hold
M14 Shui Wah Chow Wing-kan (LP) Lau Kwun-hang (Civ) Chow Wing-kan (LP)
Ko Chun-kit (Ind)[2]
Liberal hold
M15 Chung Wah Fung Choi-yuk (DAB) Liu Yam (PP) Wong Wai-ling (DAB) DAB hold
M16 Yuet Yan Chiu Sau-han (Ind) Keung Kwok-wai (CTU) Chiu Sau-han (Ind) Independent hold
M17 Fu Yan Vacant Lee Cheuk-yan (CTU) Lau Kwai-yung (FTU) FTU gain
M18 Yat Chak Wong Yu-choi (Ind) Kwok Hing-ping (DP) Wong Yu-choi (Ind)[2] Democratic gain from Independent
M19 Tin Heng Luk Chung-hung (DAB/FTU) Luk Chung-hung (DAB/FTU) DAB/FTU uncontested
M20 Wang Yat Yiu Kwok-wai (FTU/DAB) Ng Yuk-ying (DP) Yiu Kwok-wai (FTU/DAB) Ho Ka-hong (Ind) FTU/DAB hold
M21 Ching King New Seat Michael Wong Chun-tat (NWSC) Tang Cheuk-him (FTU)
Lai Suet-wing (Ind)
FTU gain new seat
M22 Kingswood North Lee Yuet-man (Ind) Chu Siu-hung (PP) Lee Yuet-man (Ind) Independent hold
M23 Tsz Yau Chan Mei-lin (Ind) Chan Mei-lin (Ind) Ma Shuk-yin (Ind) [2] Independent hold
M24 Tin Yiu Leung Che-cheung (DAB) Leung Che-cheung (DAB) DAB uncontested
M25 Kingswood South Cham Ka-hung (Ind) Cham Ka-hung (Ind) Independent uncontested
M26 Chung Pak New Seat Victor Yeung Sai-cheong (DP) Wong Cheuk-kin (NPP)
Tse Kui-sing (Ind)[2]
Chan Wai-man (LP)
Thomas Li Tsz-keung (Ind)
NPP gain new seat
M27 Fairview Park Yau Tai-tai (Ind) Yau Tai-tai (Ind) Independent uncontested
M28 San Tin Man Luk-sing (Ind) Chau Chun-kun (LJL) Man Kwong-ming (Ind)[2] Independent gain from Independent
M29 Kam Tin Tang Cheuk-yin (Ind) Tang Cheuk-yin (Ind) Independent uncontested
M30 Pat Heung North Tang Kwai-yau (Ind) Eddie Chu Hoi-dick (LJL) Tang Kwai-yau (Ind) [2]
Ronnie Tang Yung-yiu (Ind)
Independent hold
M31 Pat Heung South Lai Wai-hung (Ind) Fancy Fung Yu-chuk (LJL) Lai Wai-hung (Ind) Independent hold


Code Constituency Incumbent Pro-democracy Candidate(s) Pro-Beijing Candidate(s) Other Candidate(s) Results
N01 Luen Wo Hui Law Sai-yan (DP) Law Sai-yan (DP) Tsang Hing-lung (DAB) Democratic hold
N02 Fanling Town Ip Mei-ho (Ind) Cheung Wai-yip (Ind)
Gary Leung Ka-yue (DP)
Ip Mei-ho (Ind)
George Pang Chun-sing (DAB) DAB gain from Independent
N03 Cheung Wah Chris Yip Yiu-shing (Ind) Mok Siu-lun (Ind) Chris Yip Yiu-shing (Ind) Independent hold
N04 Wah Do Poon Chung-yuen (DP) Li Wing-shing (DP)
Li Kai-hang (PP)
Yiu Ming (DAB) DAB gain from Democratic
N05 Wah Ming Lai Sum (DAB) Almustafa Lee Lap-hong (DP) Lai Sum (DAB) DAB hold
N06 Yan Shing Lau Kwok-fan (DAB) Alexander Yan Wing-lok (DP) Lau Kwok-fan (DAB) DAB hold
N07 Shing Fuk Warwick Wan Wo-tat (DAB) Eric Wong Ho-chuen (DP) Warwick Wan Wo-tat (DAB) DAB hold
N08 Sheung Shui Rural Hau Kam-lam (DAB) Hau Kam-lam (DAB)
Simon Hau Fuk-tat (Ind)
DAB hold
N09 Ching Ho New Seat Tim So Chin-lung (DP) Larm Wai-leung (DAB) Alexander Tsui Ka-kit (Ind) DAB gain new seat
N10 Yu Tai Larm Wai-leung (DAB) Tsang Sheung-chi (DP) Kent Tsang King-chung (FTU/DAB) FTU/DAB gain from DAB
N11 Choi Yuen So Sai-chi (DAB) Wong Sing-chi (DP)
Au Wai-kong (PP/TF)
So Sai-chi (DAB) DAB hold
N12 Shek Wu Hui Wong Sing-chi (DP) Joseph Chow Kam-siu (DP)
Cheung Suk-man (PP/TF)
Simon Wong Yun-keung (DAB)
Alvan Hau Wing-kong (LP)
DAB gain from Democratic
N13 Tin Ping West Wong Wang-to (FTU/DAB) Yim Chi-hang (DP) Wong Wang-to (FTU/DAB) FTU/DAB hold
N14 Fung Tsui Liu Kwok-wah (Ind) Liu Kwok-wah (Ind)
Liu Hing-hung (Ind)
Liu Chiu-wah (Ind)
Independent hold
N15 Sha Ta Wan Wo-fai (DAB) Wan Wo-fai (DAB)
Tsang Yuk-on (Ind)
DAB hold
N16 Tin Ping East Paul Yu Chi-shing (Ind) Leung Yuk-cheung (DP) Windy Or Sin-yi (DAB)
Paul Yu Chi-shing (Ind)
Simon Mok Fu-wah (Ind) DAB gain from Independent
N17 Queen's Hill Tony Tang Kun-nin (DAB) Tony Tang Kun-nin (DAB)
Li Kwong-ming (Ind)
DAB hold

Tai Po

Code Constituency Incumbent Pro-democracy Candidate(s) Pro-Beijing Candidate(s) Other Candidate(s) Results
P01 Tai Po Hui Li Kwok-ying (DAB) Alvin Yeung Ngok-kiu (Civ) Li Kwok-ying (DAB) DAB hold
P02 Tai Po Central Andrew Cheng Kar-foo (Ind) Au Chun-wah (DP) Thomas Cheung Chi-wai (LP)
Cheng Mei-lam (Ind)
Democratic gain from Independent
P03 Chung Ting Eric Tam Wing-fun (DAB) Eric Tam Wing-fun (DAB) DAB uncontested
P04 Tai Yuen Cheng Chun-ping (DAB) Cheng Chun-ping (DAB)
So Ma-tsun (Ind)
DAB hold
P05 Fu Heng Wong Chau-pak (DAB) Yam Man-chuen (DP) Wong Chau-pak (DAB) DAB hold
P06 Yee Fu Yam Kai-bong (ND) Yam Kai-bong (ND) Clement Woo Kin-man (DAB) Neo Democrats hold
P07 Fu Ming Sun Kwan Wing-yip (ND) Kwan Wing-yip (ND) Wong Yuen-sang (DAB) Neo Democrats hold
P08 Kwong Fuk & Plover Cove Lam Chuen (DAB) Lam Chuen (DAB) DAB uncontested
P09 Wang Fuk Wong Pik-kiu (DAB) Wong Pik-kiu (DAB) DAB uncontested
P10 Tai Po Kau Chan Siu-kuen (Ind) Chan Siu-kuen (Ind) Independent uncontested
P11 Wan Tau Tong Yu Chi-wing (Ind) Edward Lee Chi-shing (DP) Yu Chi-wing (Ind) Chan Hon-hung (Ind) Independent hold
P12 San Fu Lo Sou-chour (Ind) Lo Sou-chour (Ind)
Donald Chung Yuk-fai (Ind)
Lam Ching-lun (Ind) Independent hold
P13 Lam Tsuen Valley Chan Cho-leung (Ind) Chan Cho-leung (Ind) Cheung Kwok-yiu (Ind) Independent hold
P14 Po Nga Wong Yung-kan (DAB) Kenneth Cheung Kam-hung (CR) Wong Yung-kan (DAB) DAB hold
P15 Tai Wo Cheng Chun-wo (Ind) Cheng Chun-wo (Ind) Lily Lee Lai-lai (Ind) Independent hold
P16 Old Market & Serenity Wong Chun-wai (ND) Edmund Lee Kin-man (DP)
Yik Kin-hing (TPNDL)
Cheung Kwok-wai (DAB) Leung Ming-kwong (Ind) DAB gain from Neo Democrats
P17 Hong Lok Yuen Tang Yau-fat (Ind) Tang Yau-fat (Ind) Independent uncontested
P18 Shuen Wan Lo Sam-shing (Ind) Lau Chee-sing (Ind)
Lo Sam-shing (Ind)
Raymond Wong Wai-tong
Independent gain from Independent
P19 Sai Kung North David Ho Tai-wai (Ind) David Ho Tai-wai (Ind)
Li Yiu-ban (Ind)
Independent hold

Sai Kung

Code Constituency Incumbent Pro-democracy Candidate(s) Pro-Beijing Candidate(s) Other Candidate(s) Results
Q01 Sai Kung Central Ng Sze-fuk (DAB) Ng Sze-fuk (DAB) DAB uncontested
Q02 Pak Sha Wan Hiew Moo-siew (DAB) Hiew Moo-siew (DAB) DAB uncontested
Q03 Sai Kung Islands Wan Yuet-kau (DAB) Philip Li Ka-leung (DAB)
Cheung Kwok-hung (Ind)
DAB hold
Q04 Hang Hau East Peter Lau Wai-cheung (Ind) Peter Lau Wai-cheung (Ind) Independent uncontested
Q05 Hang Hau West Yau Yuk-lun (DAB) Yau Yuk-lun (DAB) DAB uncontested
Q06 Po Kwan Ng Shuet-shan (FTU) Tse Ching-fung (DP)
Yu Hon-lun (Ind)
Ng Shuet-shan (FTU) FTU hold
Q07 Wai Do Chan Kai-wai (Ind) Chan Kai-wai (Ind) Independent uncontested
Q08 Kin Shin Leung Li (ND) Leung Li (ND) Lee Chun-ho (CF) Adam Wong Ping-hung (Ind)
Wong Yan-ket (Ind)
Neo Democrats hold
Q09 Choi Kin Raymond Ho Man-kit (Ind) Raymond Ho Man-kit (Ind) Yu Kai-chun (FTU) Independent hold
Q10 O Tong Cheung Kwok-keung (ND) Cheung Kwok-keung (ND) Tim Lo Man-him (NPP) Neo Democrats hold
Q11 Fu Kwan Luk Ping-choi (Ind) Luk Ping-choi (Ind) Lam Chun-ka (LP) Lui Kim-ho (Ind) Independent hold
Q12 Nam On Francis Chau Yin-ming (Ind) Francis Chau Yin-ming (Ind) Timothy Chan Shu-kuen (LP) Independent hold
Q13 Hong King Frankie Lam Siu-chung (DP) Frankie Lam Siu-chung (DP) Leung Lok-sum (CF) Democratic hold
Q14 Tsui Lam Lanny Tam (CF) Shek Chi-keung (Ind) Lanny Tam (CF) Civil Force hold
Q15 Po Lam Alfred Au Ning-fat (CF) Chan Ping-hang (DP) Alfred Au Ning-fat (CF) Civil Force hold
Q16 Yan Ying Ng Ping-yiu (DAB) Chung Kam-lun (ND) Sunny Wong Man-kit (Ind) [2] Cheung Man-kit (Ind) Neo Democrats gain from DAB
Q17 Wan Hang Gary Fan Kwok-wai (ND) Gary Fan Kwok-wai (ND) Hau Lai-ying (DAB) Neo Democrats hold
Q18 King Lam Ki Lai-mei (DAB) Lam Wing-yin (DP) Ki Lai-mei (DAB) Democratic gain from DAB
Q19 Hau Tak Ling Man-hoi (DAB) Chung En-shiuh (DP) Ling Man-hoi (DAB) DAB hold
Q20 Fu Nam Chan Kwok-kai (DAB) Chan Kwok-kai (DAB) DAB uncontested
Q21 Tak Ming Wan Yuet-cheung (CF) Jersey Cheung Bo-hop (Ind) Wan Yuet-cheung (CF) Civil Force hold
Q22 Sheung Tak Luk Wai-man (DAB) Mak Tsz-hei (ND) Kan Siu-kei (FTU)
Luk Man-wai (DAB)
Yip Chun-keung (Ind)
Wong Fai (Ind)
Tsui Chung-chi (Ind)
FTU gain from DAB
Q23 Kwong Ming Ricky Or Yiu-lam (DP) Ricky Or Yiu-lam (DP)
Virginia Yue (PP/PV)
Chan Yin-chu (Ind)
Chong Yuen-tung (DAB) Simon Shi Hau-kit (Ind)
Chan Tong-wing (Ind)
DAB gain from Democratic
Q24 Wan Po New Seat Cheung Chi-tung (DP) Christine Fong Kwok-shan (Ind)[2]
Terry Tsui Yun-yung (LP)
Independent gain new seat

Sha Tin

Code Constituency Incumbent Pro-democracy Candidate(s) Pro-Beijing Candidate(s) Other Candidate(s) Results
R01 Sha Tin Town Centre Wai Hing-cheung (Ind) Wai Hing-cheung (Ind) Ken Tsang Kam-cheun (DAB) Independent hold
R02 Lek Yuen Tony Kan Chung-nin (Ind) Wong Ho-ming (LSD) Wong Yue-hon (CF) Civil Force gain from Independent
R03 Wo Che Estate Anna Yue Shin-man (DAB) Anna Yue Shin-man (DAB) DAB uncontested
R04 City One Wong Ka-wing (Ind) Ronny Tong Ka-wah (Civ) Wong Ka-wing (Ind)[2] Independent hold
R05 Yue Shing Leung Ka-fai (CF) Chin Wai-kin (Civ) Leung Ka-fai (CF)
Lau Tai-sang (ES)
Civil Force hold
R06 Wong Uk Leung Chi-wai (LP) Leung Chi-wai (LP) Liberal uncontested
R07 Sha Kok Yeung Sin-hung (CF) Cheung Tak-wing (Ind) Yeung Sin-hung (CF) Civil Force hold
R08 Pok Hong Chan Kwok-tim (CF) Pang Siu-ying (DP) Chan Kwok-tim (CF) Civil Force hold
R09 Jat Min Lam Hong-wah (CF) Yau Man-chun (ND) Lam Hong-wah (CF) Neo Democrats gain from Civil Force
R10 Chun Fung Leung Chi-kin (CF) Chan Nok-hang (DP) Leung Chi-kin (CF) Democratic gain from Civil Force
R11 Sun Tin Wai Ching Cheung-ying (DP) Ching Cheung-ying (DP) Cheung Kwok-wo (FTU) Democratic hold
R12 Chui Tin Philip Wong Chak-piu (CF) Ma Yu-sang (PP) Philip Wong Chak-piu (CF) Civil Force hold
R13 Hin Ka Lam Chung-yan (CF) Mok Wai-hung (DP) Lam Chung-yan (CF) Civil Force hold
R14 Lower Shing Mun Ho Hau-cheung (CF) Ho Hau-cheung (CF) Civil Force uncontested
R15 Keng Hau Wai Kwok-hung (CF) Ng Kam-hung (DP) Wong Ka-sek (CF) Democratic gain from Civil Force
R16 Tin Sum Pun Kwok-shan (CF) Lau Kong-wah (DAB/CF) Suen Tsan-pui (Ind) DAB/Civil Force gain from Civil Force
R17 Chui Ka New Seat Li Sai-hung (Ind) Lee Kam-ming (CF) Civil Force gain new seat
R18 Tai Wai Leung Wing-hung (ND) Leung Wing-hung (ND) Tung Kin-lei (DAB) DAB gain from Neo Democrats
R19 Chung Tin Tang Wing-cheong (CF) Tang Wing-cheong (CF) Lee Yuen-kam (Ind) Civil Force hold
R20 Sui Wo Thomas Pang Cheung-wai (DAB) Pang Yuk-ying (Civ) Thomas Pang Cheung-wai (DAB) Li Sui-ha (Ind) DAB hold
R21 Fo Tan Scarlett Pong Oi-lan (Ind) Chan Tak-cheung (CR) Scarlett Pong Oi-lan (Ind) Porinda Liu Huan-yee (Ind) Independent hold
R22 Chun Ma Siu Hin-hong (Ind) Siu Hin-hong (Ind) Independent uncontested
R23 Chung On Elizabeth Quat (DAB) Lau Ka-yee (PD) Elizabeth Quat (DAB) DAB hold
R24 Kam To Yeung Man-yui (DAB) Donna Yau Yuet-wah (DP) Yeung Man-yui (DAB) Tam Hin-chung (Ind) DAB hold
R25 Ma On Shan Town Centre Alvin Lee Chi-wing (Ind) Richard Tsoi Yiu-cheong (DP) Alvin Lee Chi-wing (Ind) [2] Independent hold
R26 Lee On Tsoi Ah-chung (Ind) Mak Yun-pui (DP) Ada Lo Tai-suen (DAB) Democratic gain from Independent
R27 Fu Lung Law Kwong-keung (CF) Law Kwong-keung (CF) Civil Force uncontested
R28 Kam Ying Tong Po-chun (Ind) Tong Po-chun (Ind) [2] Wong Kwok-hung (Ind) Independent hold
R29 Yiu On Wong Mo-tai (DAB) Ting Tsz-yuen (DP)
Shirley Ho Suk-ping (Ind)
Wilson Chu Kin-kong (PP/TF)
Li Sai-wing (DAB) DAB hold
R30 Heng On Cheng Tsuk-man (DP) Cheng Tsuk-man (DP) Leung Yiu-choi (DAB/FTU) Democratic hold
R31 On Tai Yeung Cheung-li (DAB) Chow Wai-tung (DP)
So Tat-leung (PP/TF)
Yeung Cheung-li (DAB) DAB hold
R32 Tai Shui Hang Michael Yung Ming-chau (ND) Michael Yung Ming-chau (ND) Cheung Chi-yin (DAB) Law Yuet-wah (Ind) Neo Democrats hold
R33 Yu Yan Yiu Ka-chun (CF) Chow Yiu-hong (Civ) Yiu Ka-chun (CF) Civil Force hold
R34 Bik Woo Law Wai-lun (Ind) Law Wai-lun (Ind)
Eliza Tsang Man-yee (Civ)
Wong Ping-fan (DAB) Independent hold
R35 Kwong Hong Cheng Cho-kwong (DAB) Ng Wai-ling (CTU) Cheng Cho-kwong (DAB) DAB hold
R36 Kwong Yuen Chan Man-kuen (CF) Chan Man-kuen (CF) Civil Force uncontested

Kwai Tsing

Code Constituency Incumbent Pro-democracy Candidate(s) Pro-Beijing Candidate(s) Other Candidate(s) Results
S01 Kwai Hing Leung Chi-shing (NWSC) Leung Chi-shing (NWSC) Chan Chi-hang (FTU) NWSC hold
S02 Kwai Shing East Estate Lai Fan-fong (DAB) Rayman Chow Wai-hung (NWSC) Lai Fan-fong (DAB) NWSC gain from DAB
S03 Upper Tai Wo Hau Hui Kei-cheung (DP) Hui Kei-cheung (DP) Loong Fei-wan (FTU) Democratic hold
S04 Lower Tai Wo Hau Wong Bing-kuen (DP) Wong Bing-kuen (DP) Tsui Siu-fai (FTU) Democratic hold
S05 Kwai Chung Estate North New Seat Leung Kam-wai (NWSC) Wong Siu-kwan (DAB) Ng Hai-ming (Ind) NWSC gain new seat
S06 Kwai Chung Estate Central New Seat Wong Yun-tat (NWSC) Benny Ng Yam-fung (DAB) Wong Fung-chun (Ind) NWSC gain new seat
S07 Shek Yam Andrew Wan Siu-kin (DP) Andrew Wan Siu-kin (DP) Wong Ho-yan (DAB) Democratic hold
S08 On Yam Dennis Leung Tsz-wing (FTU/DAB) Leung Wing-kuen (DP) Dennis Leung Tsz-wing (FTU/DAB) FTU/DAB hold
S09 Shek Lei Extension Leung Kwok-wah (DP) Leung Kwok-wah (DP)
Chan Ka-lok (PP)
Dominic Lee Tsz-king (LP) Democratic hold
S10 Shek Lei Lam Siu-fai (DP) Lam Siu-fai (DP)
Law Ka-kei (PP)
Liu Ming-kin (LP) Democratic hold
S11 Tai Pak Tin Sammy Tsui Sang-hung (DP) Sammy Tsui Sang-hung (DP)
Tsang Hang-mong (PP)
Lui Hok-nang (DAB) Democratic hold
S12 Kwai Fong Leung Yiu-chung (NWSC) Leung Yiu-chung (NWSC) Eddie Chan Wing-lai (GPHK) NWSC hold
S13 Wah Lai Wong Yiu-chung (Ind) Wong Yiu-chung (Ind)[2] Independent uncontested
S14 Lai Wah Lee Wing-tat (DP) Lee Wing-tat (DP)
Raymond Chan Chi-chuen (PP/PV)
Chu Lai-ling (DAB) DAB gain from Democratic
S15 Cho Yiu Lo Wai-lan (Ind) Lo Wai-lan (Ind)
Abby Lai Ming-wai (Ind)
Independent hold
S16 Hing Fong Ng Kim-sing (DP) Ng Kim-sing (DP) Leung Kar-ming (DAB) Democratic hold
S17 Lai King Chow Yick-hay (DP) Chow Yick-hay (DP) Democratic uncontested
S18 Kwai Shing West Estate Leung Yuk-fung (Civ) Leung Yuk-fung (Civ) Lau Mei-lo (FTU) FTU gain from Civic
S19 On Ho Tam Wai-chun (Ind) Ho Chi-wai (DP) Tam Wai-chun (Ind)[2] Independent hold
S20 Wai Ying Alice Mak Mei-kuen (FTU) Koo Man-hon (Civ) Alice Mak Mei-kuen (FTU) FTU hold
S21 Tsing Yi Estate Simon Chan Siu-man (Ind) Simon Chan Siu-man (Ind) Poon Chi-nam (FTU/DAB) Independent hold
S22 Greenfield Wong Suet-ying (DP) Wong Suet-ying (DP) Clarice Cheung Wai-ching (Ind)[2] Independent gain from Democratic
S23 Cheung Ching Alan Lee Chi-keung (Ind) Alan Lee Chi-keung (Ind) [2]
Ting Yin-wah (Ind)
Independent hold
S24 Cheung Hong Tsui Hiu-kit (Ind) Tsui Hiu-kit (Ind) Li May-ying (Ind) Independent hold
S25 Shing Hong Leung Wai-man (DAB) Tsoi Yu-lung (DP) Leung Wai-man (DAB) DAB hold
S26 Tsing Yi South Poon Chi-shing (DAB) Poon Chi-shing (DAB) DAB uncontested
S27 Cheung Hang Lui Ko-wai (Ind) Lam Lap-chi (DP)
Lau Po-kwan (PP)
Lui Ko-wai (Ind)[2] Ha Lung-wan (Ind) Democratic gain from Independent
S28 Ching Fat Nancy Poon Siu-ping (Ind) Lau Chi-kit (DP)
Chan Yue-man (PP)
Nancy Poon Siu-ping (Ind)[2] Independent hold
S29 Cheung On Law King-shing (DAB) Law King-shing (DAB) DAB uncontested


Code Constituency Incumbent Pro-democracy Candidate(s) Pro-Beijing Candidate(s) Other Candidate(s) Results
T01 Lantau Wong Fuk-kan (Ind) Wong Fuk-kan (Ind)[2] Ma Suet-fan (Ind) Independent hold
T02 Yat Tung Estate North Tang Ka-piu (FTU) Kwok Ping (DP) Tang Ka-piu (FTU) FTU hold
T03 Yat Tung Estate South Andy Lo Kwong-shing (DAB) Tsui Ching-kuen (Ind) Andy Lo Kwong-shing (DAB) DAB hold
T04 Tung Chung North Lam Yau-han (Civ) Jeremy Jansen Tam Man-ho (Civ) Lam Yuet (Ind) Independent gain from Civic
T05 Tung Chung South Chau Chuen-heung (DAB) Cheng Lai-yee (Civ) Chau Chuen-heung (DAB) DAB hold
T06 Discovery Bay Amy Yung Wing-sheung (Civ) Amy Yung Wing-sheung (Civ) Peter Lau Ching-wai (NPP) Civic hold
T07 Peng Chau & Hei Ling Chau Ma Chun-tim (Ind) Chan Chi-lin (Ind) Ma Chun-tim (Ind)
On Hing-ying (Ind)
Independent gain from Independent
T08 Lamma & Po Toi Yu Lai-fan (DAB) Wong Chun-pong (LSD/LJL) Yu Lai-fan (DAB) Paul Lau (Ind) DAB hold
T09 Cheung Chau South Kwong Kwok-wai (Ind) Kwok Cheuk-kin (DP) Kwok Koon-wan (ES)
Rico Lo Wan-kai (Ind)
Anil Kwong Sai-loi
Stephen Sze Hou-ming (Ind)
Economic Synergy gain from Independent
T10 Cheung Chau North Lee Kwai-chun (DAB) Lee Kwai-chun (DAB) DAB uncontested

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Results breakdown of the 2011 Hong Kong local elections
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