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Lhôk Seumaw‘è
Other transcription(s)
 • Jawoëلهوکسيوماوي
Rencong monument of Lhokseumawe
Rencong monument of Lhokseumawe
Coat of arms of Lhokseumawe
Lhokseumawe Indah
(Beautiful Lhokseumawe)
Location within Aceh
Location within Aceh
Lhokseumawe is located in Aceh
Location in Aceh, Northern Sumatra, Sumatra and Indonesia
Lhokseumawe is located in Northern Sumatra
Lhokseumawe (Northern Sumatra)
Lhokseumawe is located in Sumatra
Lhokseumawe (Sumatra)
Lhokseumawe is located in Indonesia
Lhokseumawe (Indonesia)
Coordinates: 5°11′17″N 97°8′25″E / 5.18806°N 97.14028°E / 5.18806; 97.14028
City Founded21 June 2001
 • MayorSuaidi Yahya
 • ViceYusuf Muhammad
 • SecretaryBukhari A. KS
 • Total181.06 km2 (69.91 sq mi)
2−24 m (−77 ft)
 (mid 2023 estimate)[1]
 • Total196,067
 • Density1,100/km2 (2,800/sq mi)
 • LanguagesIndonesian (official)
City Growth
 • HDI77.23 [2]
 • GDPRp. 10.598.205.71 (Million Rupiah) [3]
Time zoneUTC+7 (IWST)
Area code(+62) 645
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Lhokseumawe (Indonesian pronunciation: [loksuˈmawe]; Acehnese: Lhôk Seumaw‘è, Jawoë: لهوکسيوماوي‎), is the second largest city (by population, after Bandar Aceh) in Aceh province, Indonesia, having recently overtaken Langsa. The city covers an area of 181.06 square kilometres, and had a population of 171,163 at the 2010 census[4] and 188,713 at the 2020 census;[5] the official estimate as at mid 2023 was 196,067 (comprising 97,339 males and 98,728 females).[1] The city is a key regional centre important for the economy of Aceh.


The name Lhokseumawe comes from the words lhok and seumawe. Lhok means "deep", "bay", and "ocean trenches", and Lhokseumawe means the swirling water in the sea along the offshore of Banda Sakti and its surroundings. The city was formerly part of North Aceh Regency, from which it was separated to form an independent city on 21 June 2001. The area is linked to the emergence of the kingdom of Samudera Pasai around the 13th century, which later came under the sovereignty of Sultanate of Aceh in 1511.

Pre Colonial Era

Map of Aceh Sultanate during the reign of Sultan Iskandar Muda

The Sultanate of Aceh was established by Sultan Ali Mughayatsyah in 1511. Later, during its golden era, in the 17th century, its territory and political influence expanded as far as Satun in southern Thailand, Johor in Malay Peninsula, and Siak in what is today the province of Riau. As was the case with most non-Javan pre-colonial states, Acehnese power expanded outward by sea rather than inland. As it expanded down the Sumatran coast, its main competitors were Johor and Portuguese Malacca on the other side of the Straits of Malacca. It was this seaborne trade focus that saw Aceh rely on rice imports from north Java rather than develop self sufficiency in rice production.[6] After the Portuguese occupation of Malacca in 1511, many Islamic traders passing the Malacca Straits shifted their trade to Banda Aceh and increased the Acehnese rulers' wealth. During the reign of Sultan Iskandar Muda in the 17th century, Aceh's influence extended to most of Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula. Aceh allied itself with the Ottoman Empire and the Dutch East India Company in their struggle against the Portuguese and the Johor Sultanate. Acehnese military power waned gradually thereafter, and Aceh ceded its territory of Pariaman in West Sumatra to the Dutch in the 18th century.[7]

Colonial Era

Street scene in Lhokseumawe in the Dutch colonial period

Before the 20th century, the country was ruled by uleebalang Kutablang. In 1903, after resistance fighters against Dutch colonists weakened Aceh, Aceh began to master.

Lhokseumawe conquered areas and from then on the status of Lhokseumawe was "Bestuur Van Lhokseumawe" with Zelf Bestuurder is Teuku Abdul Lhokseumawe subordinate Controeleur aspirants and also domiciled in Lhokseumawe and assistant resident district officer or Regent.

In the second decade of the 20th century, among the entire mainland of Aceh, a small island about 11 km2 widely separated by Krueng Cunda River. filled buildings General Government, Military, and Transportation Railway by the Dutch government. Small islands with villages of Keude Aceh, Kampung Jawa, Kuta blang, Mon Geudong, Teumpok Teungoh, Hagu Kampung, Uteuen bayi and Ujong Blang are entirely new 5,500 plural in Lhokseumawe call. Building by building fills this land until the city has realized embryos harbor, market, railway station and the offices of government agencies.

Independence era

On 21 September and 22 September 1953, Darul Islam forces attacked Lhokseumawe twice, but the Indonesian army repelled the attack.[8]

Since the Declaration of Independence, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia has not established systemic to this district. At first Lhokseumawe combined with Bestuurder Van Cunda. The mainland population is increasingly crowded, coming from surrounding areas such as Buloh Blang Ara, Matangkuli, Blang Jruen, Lhoksukon, Nisam, Cunda and Pidie.

In 1956 the Emergency Law No. 7 of 1956, the autonomous regions formed regencies within the region of North Sumatra province, where one of them is the North Aceh Regency with its capital at Lhokseumawe.

Then in 1964 the Decree of the Governor of Aceh Special Region Number 34/GA/1964 dated 30 November 1964, it was determined that Kemukiman Banda Sakti in Muara Dua, the District used its own under the name of the District Banda Sakti.

Based on the Act No. 5 of 1974 on the Principles of Regional Administration, Lhokseumawe be likely to improve the status of the City of, on August 14, 1986, with the Regional Regulation No. 32 of 1986 Establishment of the City of Lhokseumawe signed by President of Indonesia Suharto, which was inaugurated by the Minister of Roestam Soeparjo country on 31 August 1987. Given that it is de jure and de facto Lhokseumawe became the City of the area of 181.06 km2 which includes 101 villages and 6 urban villages in five districts, namely the Districts of Banda Sakti, Muara Dua, Dewantara, Muara Batu, and Blang Mangat.

From 1988 onwards, the idea of improving the status of the town began. Law No. 2 of 2001 (dated 21 June 2001), signed by the president of Indonesia Abdurrahman Wahid, established Lhokseumawe as a separate municipality whose territory then included three districts, namely the districts of Banda Sakti, Muara Dua and Blang Mangat (Dewantara and Muara Batu Districts remained in North Aceh Regency). In 2006 the district of Muara Dua was split into two - Muara Dua and Muara Satu - so Lhokseumawe now has four districts.


Lhokseumawe City is located between 4˚ - 5˚ North Latitude and 96˚ - 97˚ East Longitude with an average altitude of 13 metres above sea level. Lhokseumawe was given the status of an independent city (separate from North Aceh Regency, which surrounds it on all the landward sides) based on Law Number 2 of 2001, dated 21 June 2001. Lhokseumawe City is divided into 4 districts, 9 residents, 68 villages, and 259 sub-villages within the boundaries of the area. Lhokseumawe forms a semi-enclave within North Aceh Regency.

Direction Location
North Selat Malaka
South Kecamatan Kuta Makmur, Kabupaten Aceh Utara
West Kecamatan Dewantara, Kabupaten Aceh Utara
East Kecamatan Syamtalira Bayu, Kabupaten Aceh Utara


Lhokseumawe has a tropical rainforest climate (Af) with moderate to heavy rainfall year-round.

Climate data for Lhokseumawe
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Mean daily maximum °C (°F) 30.5
Daily mean °C (°F) 26.6
Mean daily minimum °C (°F) 22.8
Average rainfall mm (inches) 164

Administrative districts

Lhokseumawe City is an urban area surrounded on the landward side by Aceh Utara Regency and is located on the northeast coast of Sumatra. Being between Banda Aceh and Medan, Lhokseumawe City holds a strategic position as a distribution channel for trading traffic in Aceh Special region.

When separated from North Aceh Regency in 2001, the city was divided administratively into three districts (kecamatan); since then, the creation in 2006 of Muara Satu District (formerly part of Muara Dua District) has increased the number to four. These are tabulated below with their areas and their populations at the 2010[4] and 2020 censuses,[5] together with the official estimates as at mid 2023.[1] The table also includes the locations of the district administrative centres, the number of villages (gampong) in each district, and its post code.

Name of
at 2010
at 2020
mid 2023
11.73.03 Blang Mangat 56.12 21,689 26,162 28,146 Punteut 22 24375
11.73.01 Muara Dua 57.80 44,209 50,929 53,068 Cunda 17 24351
11.73.04 Muara Satu 55.90 31,723 33,820 35,003 Batuphat Barat 11 24353
11.73.02 Banda Sakti 11.24 73,542 77,802 79,850 Kota Lhokseumawe 18 24351 (a)

Note: (a) except for the 5 gampong of Tumpok Teumpoh (post code 24311), Simpang Empat (24313), Kota Lhokseumawe (24314), Pusong Baru (24314) and Jawa Baru (24315).

Source : Lhokseumawe Dalam Angka 2013 / Lhokseumawe In Figures 2013;[10] Badan Pusat Statistik, Jakarta, for later figures.

Judging by the number of village officials, Blang Mangat District is the biggest district, consisting of 22 villages (comprising 78 sub villages), with 259 village officials.


Health facilities are available in Lhokseumawe :

Health facilities Total Unit
Puskesmas 6 Unit
Puskesmas pembantu 12 Unit
Puskesmas keliling 5 Unit
Polindes 32 Unit
Doctors Practice 85 Unit
Dentist Practice 9 Unit
Drug store 77 Unit

The number of available health workers is:

Health workers Total Unit
Doctor 60 People
Dentist 5 People
Medical Servant 399 People
Nurse 194 People
Midwife 151 People
Pharmacy personnel 9 People
Nutritionist 4 People
Sanitation expert 7 People
  • note : Not include private companies, Only Government Facilities and worker

Source : Lhokseumawe Dalam Angka 2013 / Lhokseumawe In Figures 2013[10]


Religions Total
Islam 190,553
Buddhism 503
Protestant 487
Catholic 144
Hinduism 1


Religious facilities are available in Lhokseumawe :

Religious facilities Total Unit
Mosque 118 Unit
Mushala 76 Unit
Church 1 Unit
Monastery 1 Unit

Source : Lhokseumawe Dalam Angka 2013 / Lhokseumawe In Figures 2013[10]


Some attractions are rated strongly support the ability of future Tourism Sector is:




  • Sea : Kruengeukeuh Seaport

Road and highway

  • Land: Terpadu Terminal

Public transport

One of the unique features of Lhokseumawe city is the motorized rickshaws known as Becak Motor or Becak Mesin. The becaks are found almost everywhere. The fare to ride a becak is relatively cheap and is usually negotiated beforehand.

There are also more public transport like minibuses, known as Labi Labi or Angkutan Kota (Angkot). The Labi Labi can be found easily on medium- to highly-congested roads, and the fare to ride a Labi Labi is very cheap.



The city of Lhokseumawe has several radio stations:

Name Frequency Signal Station
RRI Pro-1, 89,3-MHz FM
RRI Pro-3, 95,2-MHz
Radio SaPa FM 96.0-MHz
RRI Pro-2, 101.9-MHz
Bujang Salim FM 101,5-MHz
Vina Vira FM - 101,1-MHz
Istiqomah Arun FM - 102,7-MHz
Adyemaja FM - 103,5-MHz
Radio Rimba Pase FM - 106.6-MHz
Radio Gisa FM - 107,7-MHz

TV channels

Lhoksumawe City has 18 TV channels (17 national and 1 local):

TV channel Frequency Network Status
National (17 Channel)
TVRI Nasional 30 UHF TVRI National
SCTV 34 UHF Emtek
ANTV 22 UHF Viva
Indosiar 46 UHF Emtek
MetroTV 52 UHF Media
Trans TV 56 UHF Trans
Global TV 28 UHF MNC
Trans7 38 UHF Trans
tvOne 48 UHF Viva
iNews TV 50 UHF MNC
RTV 32 UHF Grup Rajawali
Kompas TV 40 UHF KG
NET. 58 UHF Indika
BeritaSatu 60 UHF BeritaSatu Media Holdings
INTV 62 UHF Netwave Group
Local(1 Channel)
Puja TV. 30 UHF Puja Group Local


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