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List of Azteca América affiliates

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The following is a list of affiliates for the American Spanish language television network Azteca América, which was in operation from July 28, 2001, to December 31, 2022. Operating under a name branding license arrangement with Azteca International Corporation, the network, and many of its affiliates, were owned by Innovate Corp. As of September 2019, the network had affiliation agreements with 75 television stations.[1]

Stations are arranged in order by city of license.

Final Azteca América affiliates[1]
City of license/Market Station Channel Years of
Current status Current ownership
Albuquerque, NM KQDF-LD 25 2001–2022 Visión Latina Innovate Corp.
Amarillo, TX KTXD-LP 43 2001–2009 Defunct, ceased operations in 2009
KLKW-LD 22.2 2016–2023 Shop LC Innovate Corp.
Atlanta, GA WUVM-LD 4 2006–2022 Estrella TV Innovate Corp.
AustinGarfield, TX KVAT-LD 17 2015–2023 Visión Latina Innovate Corp.
Bakersfield, CA KXBF-LD 14.5 2017–2021 Defy TV Innovate Corp.
Baltimore, MD WQAW-LD 69 2005–2022 Visión Latina Innovate Corp.
Baton Rouge, LA K29LR-D[a] 47 2020–2023 Estrella TV Innovate Corp.
Boise, ID KFLL-LD 25 2018–2022 Visión Latina Innovate Corp.
KEVA-LD 34 2015–2023 BYU TV Sawtooth Mountain[b]
KZAK-LD 49 2015–2023 Nuestra Visión Cocola Broadcasting
KCBB-LD 51 2015–2023 Estrella TV Innovate Corp.
Boston, MA WFXZ-CD 24 2006–2017 Biz TV WGBH Educational Foundation
BentonvilleRogers, AR K28NT-D 48.2 2014–2023 Charge! Victory Communications
Brownsville, TX KNWS-LP 64 2007–2021 Novelisima Innovate Corp.
KAZH-LP[c] 57 2007–2021 Novelisima Innovate Corp.
KRZG-CD[c] 35 2007–2016 Dabl Innovate Corp.
35.4 2020–2021 MeTV Innovate Corp.
CantonCleveland, OH WQDI-LD 20 2019–2023 Infomercials Innovate Corp.
Cathedral CityPalm Springs, CA KAKZ-LD 4.3 2002–2023 Independent Tara Broadcasting, LLC
Chicago, IL WOCK-CD 13 2006–2010 Shop LC KM Communications
WPVN-CD 24 2013–2022 Visión Latina Innovate Corp.
WCHU-LD 61 2010–2019 Infomercials Venture Technologies Group
ColumbiaJefferson City, MO K35OY-D 35 2019–2023 Infomercials Innovate Corp.
Columbus, GA W29FD-D 43 2019–2022 Defy TV Innovate Corp.
Columbus, OH WDEM-CD 17 2019–2022 Estrella TV Innovate Corp.
WCPX-LP 48 2007–2011 Ace TV Roseland Broadcasting, Inc.
Concord, NHBoston, MA WLEK-LD 22 2020–2023 Visión Latina Innovate Corp.
Corpus Christi, TX KCCX-LD 24 2006–2022 Infomercials Innovate Corp.
KYDF-LD 34 2003–2023 Story Television Innovate Corp.
Cripple CreekDenver, CO KRDH-LD 5.2 2019–2023 Infomercials Innovate Corp.
CrowleyLafayette, LA K21OM-D[a] 20 2020–2021 Ion Mystery Innovate Corp.
DallasFort Worth, TX KODF-LD 26 2003–2010 Infomercials Innovate Corp.
KLEG-LP 44 2006–2011 NTD America Dilip Viswanath
KAZD 55 2010–2022 Spectrum News 1 Weigel Broadcasting
55.3 MeTV Plus Weigel Broadcasting
DallasPortland, OR KPWC-LD[d] 37 2008–2023 Estrella TV Innovate Corp.
Darby, PA W25FG-D[e] 36.4 2011–2023 Infomercials Innovate Corp.
Daytona BeachOrlando, FL WDYB-CD 14 2019–2023 Infomercials Latina Broadcasters of Daytona Beach
Detroit, MI WDWO-CD 18 2019–2023 Visión Latina Innovate Corp.
Des Moines, IA KRPG-LD 43 2018–2022 Visión Latina Innovate Corp.
DublinMacon, GA W28EU-D 42 2020–2023 LX Innovate Corp.
El Paso, TX K42DJ 42 2002–2019 NBC (KOB translator serving Las Cruces, New Mexico) News-Press & Gazette Company
KVIA-DT4 7.4 2008–2023 QVC News-Press & Gazette Company
Enid, OK KXOK-LD 31.3 2012–2016 Defunct, ceased operations in 2016
Evansville, IN W27DH-D[f] 27 2019–2020 Defunct, ceased operations in 2020
WUCU-LD 33 2019–2020 Defunct, ceased operations in 2020
FlorenceMyrtle Beach, SC WLDW-LD 9.2 2017–2018 Defunct, ceased operations in 2018
Fort MyersNaples, FL WTPH-LP 14 2003–2013 Defunct, ceased operations in 2013
Fort Wayne, IN WCUH-LD[f] 16 2017–2023 Visión Latina Innovate Corp.
W30EH-D[f] 41 2019 Visión Latina Innovate Corp.
WODP-LD[f] 49 2018 Visión Latina Innovate Corp.
Fresno, CA KFAZ-CA[g] 8 2002–2020 Cocola Broadcasting
KMSG-LD 43.2 2002–2023 Cocola Broadcasting
GainesvilleJacksonville, FL WJXE-LD 10 2019–2023 Infomercials Innovate Corp.
HammontonPhiladelphia, PA WPSJ-CD 8 2019–2023 Infomercials Innovate Corp.
Hartford, CT WRNT-LD 32 2001–2022 Infomercials Innovate Corp.
WTXX-LD 34 2018–2022 Infomercials Innovate Corp.
Hot SpringsLittle Rock, AR KWMO-LD 34 2018–2023 Spanish religious Innovate Corp.
K23OW-D 38 2018–2023 Story Television Innovate Corp.
Houston, TX KAZH 57 2002–2007 ShopHQ as KUBE-TV WRNN Associates
KUVM-CD 34 2007–2010 LATV Innovate Corp.
KUVM-LD 10.4 2009–2010 beIN Sports Innovate Corp.
KYAZ 51 2010–2021 MeTV Weigel Broadcasting
51.3 2021–2023 MeTV Plus Weigel Broadcasting
Joplin, MO KRLJ-LD 45 2017–2023 Shop LC Innovate Corp.
Laredo, TX KNEX-LP 55 CBS as KYLX-LP (channel 13) Gray Television
KETF-CD 39.4 2017–2023 Entravision Communications
Las Vegas, NV KHDF-CD 19 2004–2018;
Visión Latina Innovate Corp.
Los Angeles, CA KWHY-TV 22.2 2022 Spanish independent Meruelo Broadcasting
KAZA-TV 54 2001–2018 MeTV Weigel Broadcasting
KJLA 57 2018–2021 Visión Latina Costa de Oro Media, LLC
Louisville, KY WKUT-LD 25 2021–2023 Oxygen Innovate Corp.
LumbertonCharlotte, NC WHEH-LD 41 2016–2023 Story Television Innovate Corp.
Kansas City, MO KQML-LD 46 2019–2023 Infomercials Innovate Corp.
Kingman, AZ KMOH-TV 6 2018–2021 MeTV Weigel Broadcasting
Madison, WI W23BW[h] 23 2020–2023 Infomercials Innovate Corp.
Memphis, TN WQEO-LD 49 2019–2023 Infomercials Innovate Corp.
Midland, MI WFFC-LD 17 2020–2023 Infomercials Innovate Corp.
Milwaukee, WI WTSJ-LP[i] 38 2015–2023 Infomercials Innovate Corp.
MiamiFt. Lauderdale, FL WGEN-TV 8 2016–2017 Estrella TV Estrella Media (O&O)
Montgomery, AL WWBH-LD 36 2018–2023 Estrella TV Innovate Corp.
Mobile, AL WWBH-LD 28 2018–2022 Infomercials Innovate Corp.
WEDS-LD 29 2018–2023 Story Television Innovate Corp.
Monterey, CA KBIT-LD 43 2002–2022 Telemax Major Market Broadcasting
MullinWaco, TX KAXW-LD 35 2015–2023 Story Television Innovate Corp.
Naples, FL WANA-LD 16 2019–2023 Replacement TBD Media Vista Group
Newton, NJ WMBC-TV 63.6 2010–2016 Mountain Broadcasting Corporation
New Orleans, LA WTNO-CD 22 2001–2022 Estrella TV Innovate Corp.
New York City WKOB-LD 42 2013–2022 Visión Latina Innovate Corp.
North CharlestonCharleston, SC WAZS-LD 29 2011–2023 Story Television Innovate Corp.
Omaha, NE KAZO-LP 57 2002–2007;
Defunct, ceased operations in 2009
KXVO-DT2 15.2 2009–2014 Stadium Mitts Telecasting Company[j]
Ogden, UT KPNZ 24 2018–2021 TCT TCT (O&O)
Oklahoma City KOHC-CD 45 2007–2022 Estrella TV Innovate Corp.
Orlando, FL W21AU 21 2008–2012 Nuestra Visión Central Broadcast Company
WATV-LD[k] 47 2020–2023 Infomercials Innovate Corp.
Palm Springs, CA KYAV-LP 12 Independent News-Press & Gazette Company
Pensacola, FL WWBH-LD 28 2018–2023 Infomercials Innovate Corp.
WEDS-LD 29 2018–2023 Story Television Innovate Corp.
PricevilleHuntsville, AL WYAM-LD 51.2 2014–2023 Charge! Decatur Communication Properties
Phoenix, AZ KEJR-LD 40 2018–2022 MeTV Plus Weigel Broadcasting
ReddingRed BluffChico, CA KRHT-LD 41 2007–2023 Replacement TBD Gary Hanson
Reno, NV KAZR-LP 46 2002–2007 UniMás as KRNS-CD Entravision Communications
KRRI-LD 25 2010–2023 Story Television Innovate Corp.
Richmond, VA WFWG-LD 30 2018–2021 Defy TV Innovate Corp.
Sacramento, CA KSAO-LD 49 2016–2022 NewsNet Cocola Broadcasting
San Antonio, TX KVDF-CD 31 2002–2023 Circle Innovate Corp.
San Diego, CA KZSD-LP 41 2003–2017 ABC (KGTV translator) E. W. Scripps Company
XHAS-TDT 33 2017–2022 Canal 66 Televisora Alco, S. de R.L. de C.V.
San Francisco, CA KEMO-TV 50 2011–2021 Estrella TV Innovate Corp.
San Luis Obispo, CA KSBO-CD[l] 42 2012–2022 Estrella TV Innovate Corp.
Salt Lake City, UT KBTU-LD 23 2018–2023 Visión Latina Innovate Corp.
Savannah, GA WUET-LD 43 2020–2023 Replacement TBD Innovate Corp.
Seattle, WA KFFV 44.2 2006–2018 Movies! Weigel Broadcasting
KUSE-LD 46 2019–2022 Visión Latina Innovate Corp.
Sioux City, IA KMEG-DT2 14.2 2009–2015 Charge! Waitt Broadcasting, Inc.[j]
St. Louis, MO K25NG-D 25 2012–2022 Estrella TV Innovate Corp.
WLEH-LD 48 2020–2023 Replacement TBD Innovate Corp.
Tampa, FL WTAM-LD 30 2018–2022 Estrella TV Innovate Corp.
Temple, TX KCEN-DT3 6.3 2009–2011 Quest Tegna Inc.
Tucson, AZ KUDF-LP 14 2005–2022 Estrella TV Innovate Corp.
Twin Falls, ID KYTL-LP 17 Biz TV i84 Broadcasting Company
TylerLongviewNacogdoches, TX KYTX 19.3 2009–2012 MeTV Tegna Inc.
KDKJ-LD 27 2021–2022 Estrella TV Innovate Corp.
KCEB 54 2020–2022 Estrella TV Innovate Corp.
Weslaco-Harlingen, TX KRGV-TV 5.2 2020–2022 Novelisima Innovate Corp.
West Palm Beach, FL WTVX[m] 34.2 2009–2023 TBD Sinclair Broadcast Group
WWHB-CD 48 2002–2023 TBD Sinclair Broadcast Group
Wilmington, NC WQDH-LD 49 2019–2023 Shop LC Innovate Corp.
Yakima, WA KCWK 9 2003–2006 Defunct, ceased operations in 2008
KYPK-LD 32 2013–2023 Laff Hispanavision
Yuma, AZEl Centro, CA KVYE 7.2 2017–2023 Circle Entravision Communications
San Juan, PR W20EJ-D[n] 26.2 2019–2023 Infomercials Innovate Corp.
Mayagüez, PR WOST 14.2 2019–2023 Infomercials Innovate Corp.
W27DZ-D[n] 14.2 2019–2023 Infomercials Innovate Corp.
Quebradillas, PR WWKQ-LD[n] 14.2 2018–2023 Infomercials Innovate Corp.
Ponce, PR WQQZ-CD[n] 14.2 2018–2023 Infomercials Innovate Corp.


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List of Azteca América affiliates
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