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International Prize for Arabic Fiction

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International Prize for Arabic Fiction
Awarded forBest novel published in Arabic
LocationArab world
First awarded2008
Currently held byMohamed Alnaas

The International Prize for Arabic Fiction (IPAF) (Arabic: الجائزة العالمية للرواية العربية), also known as "the Arabic Booker", is regarded as the most prestigious and important literary prize in the Arab world.[1]

Its aim is to reward excellence in contemporary Arabic creative writing and to encourage the readership of high-quality Arabic literature internationally through the translation and publication of winning and shortlisted novels in other major languages. In addition to the prize itself, IPAF supports other literary initiatives. In 2009, IPAF launched its inaugural nadwa (writers' workshop) for emerging writers of fiction in Arabic.

The prize is administered by the Booker Prize Foundation in London, and is currently funded by Department of Culture and Tourism, Abu Dhabi (DCT).[2]

Each year, the winner of the prize receives US$50,000,[2] and the six shortlisted authors receive US$10,000 each.

Rules and entry

Full Rules of Entry are available to view here.


  • Yasir Suleiman CBE, Professor of Arabic, University of Cambridge, Chair of Trustees
  • Evelyn Smith, Booker Prize Foundation, Company Secretary
  • Isobel Abulhoul OBE, CEO, Emirates Literature Foundation
  • Yassin Adnan, Moroccan journalist, broadcaster and writer
  • Abdulla Majed Al Ali, executive director of the UAE national archive, columnist, formerly involved in a number of cultural initiatives in the UAE, including the Sheikh Zayed Book Award, the Kalima Translation Project, the Abu Dhabi Book Fair and Abu Dhabi libraries
  • Nujoom Alghanem, poet, script writer and a multi-award-winning Emirati filmmaker
  • Rasheed El-Enany, Professor Emeritus of the University of Exeter
  • Omar Ghobash, Emirati author, businessman, and diplomat
  • Rana Idriss, Director of publisher Dar al-Adab, Beirut
  • Michel S. Moushabeck, Founder and President of Interlink Publishing Group, Inc., writer, editor, and musician, USA
  • Zaki Nusseibeh, UAE Minister of State
  • Sherif-Joseph Rizk, Director of publishing house Dar al-Tanweer, Egypt
  • Ahdaf Soueif, author and political and cultural commentator
  • Jonathan Taylor, former chair of the Booker Prize Foundation
  • Fleur Montanaro, Prize Administrator

Winners and nominees

Blue ribbon = winner

Winner and nominees
Year Author Title Country Publisher Status
2008 Bahaa Taher Sunset Oasis Blue ribbon Egypt na Winner
2008 Jabbour Douaihy June's Rain Lebanon Dar An Nahar, Beirut Shortlist
2008 Elias Farkouh The Land of Purgatory Jordan na Shortlist
2008 Khaled Khalifa In Praise of Hatred Syria Amisa, Damascus Shortlist
2008 May Menassa Walking in the Dust Lebanon na Shortlist
2008 Mekkaoui Said Swan Song Egypt na Shortlist
2009 Youssef Ziedan Azazeel Blue ribbon Egypt na Winner
2009 Inaam Kachachi The American Granddaughter Iraq Dar Al-Jadid, Beirut Shortlist
2009 Mohamed El-Bisatie Hunger Egypt Dar Al-Adab, Beirut Shortlist
2009 Habib Selmi The Scents of Marie-Claire Tunisia Dar Al-Adab, Beirut Shortlist
2009 Ibrahim Nasrallah Time of White Horses Palestine/Jordan Arab Scientific Publishers, Beirut and Algiers Shortlist
2009 Fawaz Haddad The Unfaithful Translator Syria na Shortlist
2009 Ezzedine Choukri Fishere Intensive Care Egypt na Longlist
2009 Abdul-Kareem Jouaity Platoon of Rain Morocco na Longlist
2009 Ali al-Muqri Black Taste, Black Odour Yemen Dar Al-Saqi, Beirut Longlist
2009 Ali Bader The Tobacco Guard Iraq na Longlist
2009 Ibrahim al-Koni The Tumour Libya Arab Instt. for Publishing and Studies, Beirut Longlist
2009 Muhammed Abu Maatouk The Bottle and the Genie Syria Al Kawkab, Beirut Longlist
2009 Renée Hayek Prayer for the Family Lebanon na Longlist
2009 Bensalem Himmich The Man from Andalucia Morocco Dar Al-Adab, Beirut Longlist
2009 Yahya Yakhlif Ma' Al Sama' Palestine Dar al Shorouk, Amman Longlist
2009 Rabee Jaber The Confessions Lebanon na Longlist
2010 Abdo Khal Throwing Sparks Blue ribbon Saudi Arabia na Winner
2010 Rabai al-Madhoun The Lady from Tel Aviv Palestine Arab Institute for Research and Publishing, Beirut Shortlist
2010 Mansoura Ez Eldin Beyond Paradise Egypt na Shortlist
2010 Rabee Jaber America Lebanon Arab Cultural Centre, Morocco and Lebanon Shortlist
2010 Mohamed Mansi Qandil A Cloudy Day on the West Side Egypt Dar El-Shorouk, Cairo Shortlist
2010 Jamal Naji When the Wolves Grow Old Jordan Ministry of Culture Publications, Amman Shortlist
2010 Omaima Abdullah Al-Khamis The Leafy Tree Saudi Arabia Dar Al-Mada, Damascus Longlist
2010 Ali Bader Kings of the Sands Iraq Kaleem Publishing, Abu Dhabi Longlist
2010 Muhsin Al-Ramli Fingers of Dates Iraq Arab Scientific Publishers, Beirut Longlist
2010 Abdullah Bin Bakheet Street of Affections Saudi Arabia Dar Al-Saqi, Beirut Longlist
2010 Samir Kacimi A Great Day to Die Algeria Al-Ikhtilaf, Algeria Longlist
2010 Alawiya Sobh It's Called Love Lebanon na Longlist
2010 Hassan Daoud 180 Sunsets Lebanon Dar Al-Saqi, Beirut Longlist
2010 Rosa Yaseen Hasan The Guards of the Air Syria Al-Kawkab, Beirut Longlist
2010 Mahmoud al-Rimawy Who Will Cheer up the Lady? Palestine na Longlist
2010 Sahar Khalifeh Origin and Branch Palestine na Longlist
2011 Mohammed Achaari The Arch and the Butterfly Blue ribbon Morocco na Winner
2011 Raja'a Alem The Doves' Necklace Blue ribbon Saudi Arabia na Winner
2011 Bensalem Himmich My Tormentor Morocco na Shortlist
2011 Miral al-Tahawy Brooklyn Heights Egypt na Shortlist
2011 Amir Taj al-Sir The Hunter of the Chrysalises Sudan Thaqafa I-al-Nashr - Cultural Publications Shortlist
2011 Khaled al-Berry An Oriental Dance Egypt na Shortlist
2011 Renée Hayek A Short Life Lebanon na Longlist
2011 Fatin al-Murr Common Sins Lebanon na Longlist
2011 Ibtisam Ibrahim Teresa The Eye of the Sun Syria na Longlist
2011 Khairy Shalaby Istasia Egypt na Longlist
2011 Maha Hassan Umbilical Cord Syria na Longlist
2011 Maqbul Moussa al-Alawi Turmoil in Jeddah Saudi Arabia na Longlist
2011 Razan Naim al-Maghrabi Women of Wind Libya na Longlist
2011 Waciny Laredj The Andalucian House Algeria na Longlist
2011 Fawaz Haddad God's Soldiers Syria na Longlist
2011 Ali al-Muqri The Handsome Jew Yemen na Longlist
2012 Rabee Jaber The Druze of Belgrade Blue ribbon Lebanon na Winner
2012 Jabbour Douaihy The Vagrant Lebanon na Shortlist
2012 Ezzedine Choukri Fishere Embrace on Brooklyn Bridge Egypt na Shortlist
2012 Nasr Iraq The Unemployed Egypt na Shortlist
2012 Bachir Mufti Toy of Fire Algeria na Shortlist
2012 Habib Selmi The Women of al-Basatin Tunisia na Shortlist
2012 Fadi Azzam Sarmada Syria na Longlist
2012 Rashid al-Daif Paving the Sea Lebanon na Longlist
2012 Sharbel Qatan Suitcases of Memory Lebanon na Longlist
2012 Hawra al-Nadawi Under the Copenhagen Sky Iraq na Longlist
2012 Youssef Ziedan The Nabatean Egypt na Longlist
2012 Mohamed al-Refai Nocturnal Creatures of Sadness Egypt na Longlist
2012 Ibrahim al-Zaarur The Amazing Journey of Khair al-Din ibn Zard Palestine na Longlist
2013 Saud Alsanousi The Bamboo Stalk Blue ribbon Kuwait Arab Scientific Publishers Winner
2013 Sinan Antoon Ave Maria Iraq Al-Jamal Shortlist
2013 Jana Elhassan I, She and Other Women Lebanon Arab Scientific Publishers Shortlist
2013 Mohammed Hassan Alwan The Beaver Saudi Arabia Dar al-Saqi Shortlist
2013 Ibrahim Issa Our Master Egypt Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Shortlist
2013 Hussein Al-Wad His Excellency the Minister Tunisia Dar al-Janub Shortlist
2013 Ashraf El-Ashmawi Toya Egypt Al-Dar al-Masriya al-Lubnaniya Longlist
2013 Hoda Barakat The Kingdom of this Earth Lebanon Dar al-Adab Longlist
2013 Anwar Hamed Jaffa Prepares Morning Coffee Palestine Arab Instt. for Research and Publishing Longlist
2013 Rabee Jaber The Birds of the Holiday Inn Lebanon Dar al-Tanwir Longlist
2013 Elias Khoury Sinalkul Lebanon Dar al-Adab Longlist
2013 Waciny Laredj Lolita's Fingers Algeria Dar al-Adab Longlist
2013 Mohammed Abdel Nabi The Return of the Sheikh Egypt Rawafid Longlist
2013 Ibrahim Nasrallah Lanterns of the King of Galilee Palestine/Jordan Arab Scientific Publishers Longlist
2013 Muhsin al-Ramly The President's Gardens Iraq Thaqafa Longlist
2013 Amin Zaoui The Goatherd Algeria Al-Ikhtilef Longlist
2014 Ahmed Saadawi Frankenstein in Baghdad Blue ribbon Iraq Al-Jamal Winner
2014 Youssef Fadel A Rare Blue Bird that Flies with Me Morocco Dar al-Adab Shortlist
2014 Inaam Kachachi Tashari Iraq Dar al-Jadid Shortlist
2014 Khaled Khalifa No Knives in this City's Kitchens Syria Dar al-Ain Shortlist
2014 Abdelrahim Lahbibi The Journeys of 'Abdi Morocco Africa East Shortlist
2014 Ahmed Mourad The Blue Elephant Egypt Dar al-Shorouq Shortlist
2014 Ibrahim Abdelmeguid Clouds Over Alexandria Egypt Dar al-Shorouq Longlist
2014 Badryah El-Bishr Love Stories on al-Asha Street Saudi Arabia Dar al-Saqi Longlist
2014 Antoine Douaihy The Bearer of the Purple Rose Lebanon Arab Scientific Publishers Longlist
2014 Amir Tag Elsir 366 Sudan Arab Scientific Publishers Longlist
2014 Ismail Ghazali The Season of Pike Fishing Morocco Dar al-Ain Longlist
2014 Ismail Fahd Ismail The Phoenix and the Faithful Friend Kuwait Arab Scientific Publishers Longlist
2014 Ashraf al-Khamaisi God's Land of Exile Egypt Al-Hadara Longlist
2014 Waciny Laredj Ashes of the East: The Wolf who Grew Up in the Wilderness Algeria Al-Jamal Longlist
2014 Ibrahim Nasrallah The Edge of the Abyss Palestine/Jordan Arab Scientific Publishers Longlist
2014 Abdel Khaliq al-Rikabi The Sad Night of Ali Baba Iraq Arab Institute for Research and Publishing Longlist
2015 Shukri Mabkhout The Italian Blue ribbon Tunisia na Winner
2015 Atef Abu Saif A Suspended Life Palestine na Shortlist
2015 Jana ElHassan Floor 99 Lebanon na Shortlist
2015 Lina Hawyan Elhassan Diamonds and Women Syria na Shortlist
2015 Hammour Ziada The Longing of the Dervish Sudan na Shortlist
2015 Ahmed el-Madini Willow Alley Morocco na Shortlist
2015 Antoine Douaihy Drowning in Lake Morez Lebanon na Longlist
2015 Ashraf al-Khamaisi Sharp Turning Egypt na Longlist
2015 Mohammed Berrada Far from Clamour, Close to Silence Morocco na Longlist
2015 Hadia Hussein Riyam and Kafa Iraq na Longlist
2015 Abdel Wahab al-Hamadi Don't Tell Your Nightmare! Kuwait na Longlist
2015 Hisham al-Khashin Graphite Egypt na Longlist
2015 Habib Abdulrab Sarori The Daughter of Suslov Yemen na Longlist
2015 Muna al-Sheemi The Size of a Grape Egypt na Longlist
2015 Jabbour Douaihy The American Neighbourhood Lebanon na Longlist
2015 Maha Hassan Female Voices Syria na Longlist
2016 Rabai al-Madhoun Destinies: Concerto of the Holocaust and the Nakba Blue ribbon Palestine na Winner
2016 Mohamed Rabie Mercury Egypt na Shortlist
2016 Shahla Ujayli A Sky Close to Our House Syria na Shortlist
2016 Tareq Bakari Numedia Morocco na Shortlist
2016 Mahmoud Shukair Praise for the Women of the Family Palestine na Shortlist
2016 George Yaraq The Guard of the Dead Lebanon na Shortlist
2016 Taleb Alrefai Here Kuwait na Longlist
2016 Laila al-Atrash Hymns of Temptation Palestine na Longlist
2016 Ibrahim Farghali The Temple of Silken Fingers Egypt na Longlist
2016 Janan Jasim Halawi People of the Palms Iraq na Longlist
2016 Mahmoud Hasan al-Jasim Mariam's Journey Syria na Longlist
2016 Hazim Kamaledin Desertified Waters Iraq na Longlist
2016 Abdennour Mezzine Letters of the Storm Morocco na Longlist
2016 Ahmed Muhsin Warsaw a Little While Ago Lebanon na Longlist
2016 Hamed al-Nazir The Prophecy of Saqqa Sudan na Longlist
2016 Mohamed Mansi Qandil The Black Brigade Egypt na Longlist
2017 Mohammed Hasan Alwan A Small Death Blue ribbon Saudi Arabia na Winner
2017 Najwa Binshatwan The Slave Pens Libya na Shortlist
2017 Ismail Fahd Ismail Al-Sabiliat Kuwait na Shortlist
2017 Elias Khoury Children of the Ghetto Lebanon na Shortlist
2017 Mohammed Abdel Nabi In the Spider's Room Egypt na Shortlist
2017 Saad Mohammed Raheem The Bookseller's Murder Iraq na Shortlist
2017 Yassin Adnan Hot Maroc Morocco na Longlist
2017 Sultan Al Ameemi One Room Is Not Enough United Arab Emirates na Longlist
2017 Amir Tag Elsir The Witches' Resort Sudan na Longlist
2017 Sinan Antoon Index Iraq na Longlist
2017 Ali Ghadeer Swastika Iraq na Longlist
2017 Zuheir al-Hiti Days of Dust Iraq na Longlist
2017 Abdul-Kareem Jouaity The North Africans Morocco na Longlist
2017 Taissier Khalaf The Slaughter of the Philosophers Syria na Longlist
2017 Youssef Rakha Paolo Egypt na Longlist
2017 Renée Hayek The Year of the Radio Lebanon na Longlist
2018 Ibrahim Nasrallah The Second War of the Dog Blue ribbon [3] Palestine/Jordan Arab Scientific Publishers Winner
2018 Dima Wannous The Frightened Ones Syria Dar al-Adab Shortlist
2018 Aziz Mohammed The Critical Case of K Saudi Arabia Dar Tanweer, Lebanon Shortlist
2018 Shahad Al Rawi The Baghdad Clock Iraq Dar al-Hikma, London Shortlist
2018 Walid Shurafa The Heir of the Tombstones Palestine Al Ahlia Shortlist
2018 Amir Tag Elsir Flowers in Flames Sudan Dar Al Saqi Shortlist
2018 Antoine Douaihy The Last Country Lebanon Arab Scientific Publishers Longlist
2018 Ahmad Abdulatif The Earthen Fortress Egypt Dar al-Ain Longlist
2018 Hamed al-Nazir The Black Peacock Sudan Medad Longlist
2018 Rasha Adly Passion Egypt Arab Scientific Publishers Longlist
2018 Amin Zaoui Leg Over Leg - in the Sighting of the Lovers' Crescent Algeria Al-Ikhtilef Longlist
2018 Fadi Azzam Huddud's House Syria Dar al-Adab Longlist
2018 Amjad Nasser Here is the Rose Jordan Dar al-Adab Longlist
2018 Atef Abu Saif Christina Palestine Al Ahlia Longlist
2018 Hussein Yassin Ali, the Story of an Honourable Man Palestine Dar al-Ru'aat Longlist
2018 Taleb al-Refai Al-Najdi Kuwait That al-Salasil Longlist
2019 Hoda Barakat The Night Mail Blue ribbon [4] Lebanon Dar al-Adab Winner
2019 Adel Esmat The Commandments Egypt Kotob Khan Shortlist
2019 Inaam Kachachi The Outcast Iraq Dar al-Jadid Shortlist
2019 Mohammed Al-Maazuz What Sin Caused Her to Die? Morocco Cultural Book Center Shortlist
2019 Shahla Ujayli Summer with the Enemy Syria Difaf Publishing Shortlist
2019 Kafa Al-Zou'bi Cold White Sun Jordan Dar al-Adab Shortlist
2019 Mohammed Abi Samra Women Without Trace Lebanon Riyad al-Rayyes Longlist
2019 Jalal Barjas Women of the Five Senses Jordan Arabic Institute for Research and Publishing Longlist
2019 Mbarek Rabi Western Mediterranean Morocco Arabic Institute for Research and Publishing Longlist
2019 Omaima Abdullah Al-Khamis Voyage of the Cranes in the Cities of Agate Saudi Arabia Dar Al Saqi Longlist
2019 Iman Yehia The Mexican Wife Egypt Dar al-Shorouk Longlist
2019 Maysalun Hadi Mohammed's Brothers Iraq Dar al-Dhakira Longlist
2019 Habib Sayah Me and Haim Algeria Dar Mim Longlist
2019 May Menassa I Killed My Mother in Order to Live Lebanon Riyad al-Rayyes Longlist
2019 Haji Jaber Black Foam Eritrea Dar Tanweer (Lebanon) Longlist
2019 Waciny Laredj May — the Nights of Isis Copia Algeria Dar al-Adab Longlist
2020 Abdelouahab Aissaoui The Spartan Court Blue ribbon [5] Algeria Dar Min Winner
2020 Alia Mamdouh The Tank Iraq Al-Mutawassit Shortlist
2020 Khalil Alrez The Russian Quarter Syria Difaf Publishing Shortlist
2020 Jabbour Douaihy The King of India Lebanon Dar Al Saqi Shortlist
2020 Said Khatibi Firewood of Sarajevo Algeria Al-Ikhtilef Shortlist
2020 Youssef Ziedan Fardeqan – the Detention of the Great Sheikh Egypt Dar al-Shorouk Shortlist
2020 Salim Barakat What About Rachel, the Jewish Lady? Syria Arabic Institute for Research and Publishing Longlist
2020 Aisha Ibrahim The War of the Gazelle Libya Tripoli Scientific Bookshop Longlist
2020 Samir Kacimi The Stairs of Trolar Algeria Editions Barzakh Longlist
2020 Bachir Mefti The Mingling of the Seasons Algeria Al-Ikhtilef Longlist
2020 Rasha Adly The Last Days of the Pasha Egypt Arab Scientific Publishers Longlist
2020 Azher Jerjis Sleeping in the Cherry Field Iraq Dar al-Rafidain Longlist
2020 Magbool Al-Alawi Seferberlik Saudi Arabia Dar Al Saqi Longlist
2020 Khaled Khalifa No One Prayed Over Their Graves Syria Hachette Antoine/Naufal Longlist
2020 Mohammed Eissa al-Mu'adab Hammam Dhahab Tunisia Mesaa Longlist
2020 Hassan Aourid Al-Mutanabbi's Rabat Morocco Al-Markez al-Thaqafi al-Arabia Longlist
2021 Jalal Barjas Notebooks of the Bookseller Blue ribbon [2] Jordan The Arabic Institute for Research and Publishing Winner
2021 Abdulatif Ould Abdullah The Eye of Hammurabi Algeria Dar Mim Shortlist
2021 Amira Ghenim Calamity of the Nobility Tunisia Dar Mesaa Shortlist
2021 Dunya Mikhail The Bird Tattoo Iraq Dar al-Rafidain Shortlist
2021 Habib Selmi Longing for the Woman Next Door Tunisia Dar al-Adab Shortlist
2021 Abdelmeguid Sabata File 42 Morocco Al-Markez al-Thaqafi al-Arabi Shortlist
2021 Youssef Fadel The Life of Butterflies Morocco Al-Mutawassit Longlist
2021 Abdullah Al-Eyaf Hole to Heaven Saudi Arabia Dar Rashm Longlist
2021 Sara al-Nams J Algeria Dar al-Adab Longlist
2021 Abbas Baydoun Boxes of Desire Lebanon Dar al-Ain Longlist
2021 Hamed al-Nazir Two Green Eyes Sudan Dar Tanweer - Lebanon Longlist
2021 Amara Lakhous The Night Bird Algeria Manshurat al-Hibr Longlist
2021 Abdullah Albsais M for Murderer: S for Sa'id' Kuwait Riwayat Longlist
2021 Ahmed Zein Fruit for the Crows Yemen Al-Mutawassit Longlist
2021 Muhsin Al-Ramli Daughter of the Tigris Iraq Dar al-Mada Longlist
2021 Mansoura Ez Eldin The Orchards of Basra Egypt Dar al-Shorouk Longlist
2022 Mohamed Alnaas Bread on Uncle Milad's Table Blue ribbon[6] Libya Rashm Winner
2022 Khalid Al-Nasrallah The White Line of Night Kuwait Dar Al Saqi Shortlist
2022 Mohsine Loukili The Prisoner of the Portuguese Morocco Dar Mim Shortlist
2022 Reem al-Kamali Rose's Diary UAE Dar al-Adab Shortlist
2022 Bushra Khalfan Dilshad Oman Takween Shortlist
2022 Tarek Emam Cairo Maquette Egypt Al-Mutawassit Shortlist
2022 Dima Al Shukr Where Is My Name? Syria Dar Al Adab Longlist
2022 Yaa'rab al-Eissa The White Minaret Syria Al-Mutawassit Longlist
2022 Mohamed Tawfik The Whisper of the Scorpion Egypt Dar al-Ain Longlist
2022 Mona al-Shammari The Maids of the Shrine Kuwait Dar Al Saqi Longlist
2022 Rouchdi Redouane The Hungarian Algeria Dar al-Adab Longlist
2022 Boumediene Belkebir The Alley of the Italians Algeria Al-Ikhtilef Longlist
2022 Haji Jabir The Abyssinian Rimbaud Eritrea Takween Longlist
2022 Belal Fadl Mother of Mimi Egypt Dar al-Mada Longlist
2022 Nizar Aghri In Search of Azar Syria Al Kotob Khan Longlist
2022 Ezzedine Choukri Fishere Farah's Story Egypt Dar al-Shorouk Longlist
2023 Zahran Alqasmi The Exile of the Water Diviner Blue ribbon Oman Rashm Shortlist
2023 Fatima Abdulhamid The Highest Part of the Horizon Saudi Arabia Masciliana Shortlist
2023 Al-Sadiq Haj Ahmed Drought Algeria Dar Dwaya Shortlist
2023 Najwa Binshatwan Concerto Qurina Eduardo Libya Takween - Iraq Shortlist
2023 Azher Jirjees The Stone of Happiness Iraq Dar Al-Rafidain - Lebanon Shortlist
2023 Miral al-Tahawy Days of the Shining Sun Egypt Dar al-Ain Shortlist
2023 Ahmad Abdulatif The Ages of Daniel in the City of Threads Egypt Dar al-Ain Longlist
2023 Lina Huyan Elhassan The Ruler of the Two Fortresses Syria Dar al-Adab Longlist
2023 Ahmed El-Fakharany Bar Lialina Egypt Dar al-Shorouk Longlist
2023 Mohammed Harradi The Melody of the Rabbit Morocco Al-Mutawassit Longlist
2023 Sausan Jamil Hasan My Name Is Zayzafoune Syria Al-Rabie Longlist
2023 Aisha Ibrahim The Box of Sand Libya Al-Mutawassit Longlist
2023 Nasser Iraq The Antikkhana Egypt Dar al-Shorouk Longlist
2023 Rabia Raihane The Family House Morocco Dar al-Ain Longlist
2023 Qassem Tawfik One Night is Enough Jordan Al Aan Longlist
2023 May Telmissany They All Say I Love You Egypt Dar al-Shorouk Longlist
2024 Raja Alem Bahbel: Makkah Multiverse 1945-2009 Saudi Arabia Dar Tanweer Shortlist
2024 Rima Bali Suleima’s Ring Syria Tanmia Publishing Shortlist
2024 Osama Al-Eissa The Seventh Heaven of Jerusalem Palestine Al Mutawassit Shortlist
2024 Basim Khandaqji A Mask, the Color of the Sky Palestine Dar al-Adab Shortlist
2024 Ahmed Al-Morsi Gambling on the Honor of Lady Mitsy Egypt Dar Dawen Shortlist
2024 Eissa Nasiri The Mosaicist Morocco Masciliana Shortlist
2024 Mohammed Abdel Nabi Nearly Every Day Egypt Markez al-Mahrusa Longlist
2024 Badriya Albadri Foumbi Oman Dar Al Saqi Longlist
2024 Sara Alsarraf I Heard Everything Iraq Dar al-Hikma Longlist
2024 Rashid al-Daif The Other Face of the Shadow Lebanon Dar Al Saqi Longlist
2024 Dorra al-Fazi' I Hide Passion Tunisia Sindbad Longlist
2024 Saleh al-Hamad Eye of the Kite Saudi Arabia Dar Rashm Longlist
2024 Ahmed Menour Storm Over the Islands Algeria Dar al-Tanweer Algeria Longlist
2024 Salha Obeid Spice Circle UAE Al-Mutawassit Longlist
2024 Sufyan Rajab Reader of the Tanners' Alley Tunisia Masciliana Longlist
2024 Amin Zaoui The Idols Algeria Daliman Longlist


The winner was announced on 10 March 2008. The shortlist was announced on 29 January 2008, chosen from 131 entries.


The winner was announced on 16 March 2009. The shortlist was announced on 10 December 2008. The longlist was announced on 11 November 2008, chosen from 121 entries.


The winner was announced on 2 March 2010. The shortlist was announced on 15 December 2009. The longlist was announced on 17 November 2009, chosen from 115entries.


Mohammed Achaari & Raja'a Alem, joint winners of the 2011 prize

The shortlist was announced 9 December 2010, chosen from a total of 123 submissions and a longlist of 16.[7] The winners were announced on 14 March 2011, the eve of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair. This marked the first time the award had been split, as well as the first female winner (Raja Alem).[8]


A total of 101 submissions from 15 countries were whittled down to a longlist of 13. This list was announced in November 2011. The final shortlist of six books was revealed on 11 January 2012. The winner was announced 27 March 2012.[9]


The longlist of 16 books was announced on 6 December 2012.[10] The shortlist of six books was announced on 9 January 2013.[11] The winner was announced on 23 April 2013.[12][13]


The longlist of 16 books was announced 7 January 2014.[14] The shortlist of 6 books was announced 10 February 2014.[15] The winner was announced 29 April 2014.[16][17][18]


The longlist.[19] On 13 February 2015 the shortlist was announced.[20] The winner was announced 6 May 2015.[21]


The longlist was announced on 12 January 2016. The winner was announced 26 April 2016.[22]


The winner was announced 25 April 2017.[23]


The longlist was announced on 17 January 2018. The winner was announced 24 April 2018.


The shortlist was announced on 5 February 2019, chosen from a total of 134 submissions from 9 Arab countries.[24] The shortlist titles [25]


The winner was announced on 14 April 2020. The shortlist was announced on 4 February 2020. The longlist was announced on 17 December 2019, chosen from 128 entries.


The longlist was chosen on 1 March 2021, chosen from 121 entries. The shortlist was announced on 29 March 2021 and the winner on 25 May 2021.[26]


The judges since 2008 are listed below:










  • Chair: Charafdin Majdolin, Moroccan critic and academic
  • Fowziya Abu Khalid, Saudi Arabian poet, writer, academic and researcher i social and political issues
  • Zulaikha Aburisha, Jordanian poet and activist
  • Latif Zeitouni, Lebanese academic and literary critic
  • Zhang Hong Yi, Chinese translator and researcher


  • Chair: Muhsin al-Musawi, an Iraqi literary critic and Professor of Classical and Modern Arabic Literature, Comparative and Cultural Studies at Columbia University
  • Pierre Abi Saab, a Lebanese critic, journalist and co-founder of the Lebanese Al-Akhbar newspaper
  • Reem Magued, an Eqyptian broadcaster, television journalist and trainer in journalism and media
  • Amin Zaoui, an Algerian novelist who writes in both Arabic and French, and Professor of Comparative Literature and Contemporary Thought at the Central University of Algiers
  • Viktoria Zarytovskaya, a Russian academic, researcher and translator of numerous works of Arabic literature into Russian including Ahmed Saadawi's Frankenstein in Baghdad, winner of the prize in 2014


  • Chair: Chawki Bazih, Lebanese poet and author
  • Mohammed Ait Hanna, a Moroccan writer, translator and lecturer of Philosophy at the Regional Centre for Teaching Careers and Training in Casablanca
  • Safa Jubran, a lecturer of Arabic Language and Modern Literature at the University of San Paolo in Brazil
  • Ali Al-Muqri, a Yemeni writer twice longlisted for IPAF in 2009 and 2011 respectively
  • Ayesha Sultan, an Emirati author, journalist, founding director of Warrak Publishing House and Vice President of the Emirates Writers Union



As of 2020, the following authors have been nominated at least three times:

Three nominations

Four nominations


The countries with the most nominations are:

Sudan, Eritrea and the UAE have one nomination each.

IPAF Nadwa


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International Prize for Arabic Fiction
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