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Bell Media Radio

Bell Media Radio, G.P.
iHeartRadio Canada
FormerlyCHUM Radio (1945–2011)
Company typeSubsidiary
IndustryRadio broadcasting
PredecessorCHUM Limited
Founded1945; 79 years ago (1945) (as CHUM Limited)
2011; 13 years ago (2011) (Bell Media Radio)
2016; 8 years ago (2016) (iHeartRadio Canada)
Headquarters250 Richmond Street West, ,
Key people
Randy Lennox, president of broadcasting[1]
ParentBell Media
DivisionsOrbyt Media (formerly CHUM Radio Network)

Bell Media Radio, G.P. (formerly CHUM Radio), operating as iHeartRadio Canada, is the radio broadcasting and music events subsidiary of Canadian media conglomerate Bell Media. The company owns stations across the country, including in most of Canada's largest radio markets. The company's programming is distributed to other stations across Canada via its syndication division, Orbyt Media, and it is also the local licensee of the Virgin Radio brand.


The company has its origins in CHUM Limited, which was acquired by CTVglobemedia in 2006. Through subsequent acquisitions, it also subsumed the radio properties of Astral Media in 2013; many of these were former Standard Radio stations that were acquired by Astral in 2007.

In 2016, Bell Media reached a licensing agreement with U.S. radio conglomerate iHeartMedia to operate a localized version of its internet radio platform iHeartRadio, and organize Canadian versions of its event franchises (such as the Jingle Ball). Since this agreement, Bell has primarily promoted its audio content, including radio stations and podcasts, under the public-facing brand iHeartRadio Canada.

In 2023, Bell Media laid off 6% of its workforce and closed nine of its radio stations and sold three as part of a restructuring plan and consolidated newsrooms across its platforms, resulting in its news/talk stations laying off most of their news staff and relying instead on the local and national newsrooms of CTV News. Stations closed included Winnipeg's CFRW, Calgary's CKMX, Edmonton's CFRN, Vancouver's CFTE and CKST and London's CJBK while Hamilton's CKOC and CHAM and Windsor's CKWW were sold[2] to CINA Radio Group for $455,000.[3]

On February 8, 2024, parent company BCE announced a total of cuts across the company, including 4,800 layoffs—with approximately 10% of those jobs being at Bell Media specifically, and the sale of 45 of its 103 radio stations to Vista Radio, Whiteoaks Communications Group, Durham Radio, My Broadcasting Corporation, ZoomerMedia, Arsenal Media and Maritime Broadcasting, pending approval by the CRTC.[4] Bell executive Robert Malcolmson told Canadian Press that the "significant divestiture" of Bell's radio assets occurred "because it's not a viable business anymore".[5]


Former CHUM Radio logo

Its head office is currently located at 250 Richmond Street West in Toronto, where the studios of its Toronto flagship stations CHUM-FM, CKFM-FM, CFRB and CHUM-AM are located. CHUM-AM and CHUM-FM moved from their historic location, 1331 Yonge Street, after the property was sold to Aspen Ridge Homes for $21.5 million.[6][7] Former Standard Radio stations CFRB and CKFM were previously located at the intersection of Yonge Street and St. Clair Avenue West until 2013.[8]

The CHUM neon sign in 2010, relocated to 250 Richmond Street West

CHUM Radio also previously operated CHUM Satellite Services, a multimedia division which provided programming and production services for corporate clients. This operation was acquired in 2009 by Stingray Digital,[9] which eventually renamed it Stingray360.

On January 6, 2016, iHeartMedia announced that Bell Media would enter into a licensing deal to launch a Canadian version of its radio streaming service iHeartRadio. Bell will handle Canadian licensing, marketing, and distribution of the service, contribute its content to the venture, and also gain rights to produce iHeartRadio-branded events. The service launched in October 2016.[10]

Since then, Bell has downplayed the branding "Bell Media Radio" in reference to its stations, and has referred to the collective platform, including the terrestrial stations, online outlets (which were all consolidated under and podcasts from Bell Media properties that are distributed under the platform, under the name iHeartRadio Canada. The MuchMusic Video Awards were also re-branded as the iHeartRadio MMVAs.


Bell's stations broadcast under various formats, although hot adult contemporary and adult hits are particularly common. The stations typically air locally produced or voice-tracked programming for the majority of their schedules, although some national network programming also airs. In 2007 and part of 2008, the hot adult contemporary radio stations also aired the national evening program The Sound Lounge.[11]

As of 2021, the majority of Bell Media's music radio stations operate under standard, networked formats with a mix of local and/or common national programming.[12][13] These brands include.

Bell's French-language radio stations in Quebec, inherited from Astral Media, have similarly operated using networked formats:

Bell inherited Astral's Boom FM (classic hits) and EZ Rock (adult contemporary) brands during the acquisition as well: presently, Boom FM is used only by two Bell-owned stations, both in Quebec, and the majority of English-language stations using the brand are owned by Stingray Radio (who had acquired the flagship outlet in Toronto, CHBM-FM, as part of divestments during the acquisition). The last remaining EZ Rock-branded stations in Canada were phased out with the launch of the Bounce and Move brands.

Until 2024, Bell also operated three networked brands featuring talk and spoken word programming. Except for TSN Radio (which features a mix of local programming and other acquired sports talk programs and event broadcasts, often syndicated from ESPN Radio and Westwood One), the majority of this programming was automated with little local content:

  • BNN Bloomberg Radio (until 2024): Business news stations, which featured programming from Bloomberg Radio and audio simulcasts of programs from the BNN Bloomberg television channel.[17][18][19][20]
  • Funny (until 2024): Carried stand-up comedy. Was initially a Canadian licensee of the U.S. radio network 24/7 Comedy.[20][17][21]
  • TSN Radio: Sports talk stations, co-branded with Bell's TSN sports channel. Three of the TSN Radio stations were formerly part of a larger but short-lived national sports radio network known as The Team, which was launched by CHUM Limited in 2001 on virtually all of the company's AM radio stations across Canada, but was dissolved in 2002 due to poor ratings. The stations that did not remain AM sports radio stations are either oldies or news/talk formats.[22]

Following the sale or closure of numerous Bell stations in 2023 and 2024, the BNN Bloomberg and Funny radio brands were no longer in use. Aside from three TSN Radio stations, Bell's remaining news/talk stations carry local programming with some regionally or nationally-syndicated shows, and audio simulcasts of CTV News programs, under the iHeartRadio Talk Network[23] branding.

Bell distributes The Breakfast Club, The Bobby Bones Show, Brooke & Jeffrey, On Air with Ryan Seacrest, and the American Top 40 in Canada via the syndication arm Orbyt Media.[24] Bell began to introduce in-house evening programming for its news/talk stations in 2017 with The Evan Solomon Show (until Solomon's departure in 2023).[25] In 2020, Bell dropped Coast to Coast AM from its stations and replaced it with The Late Shift with Jason Agnew,[26] later replaced in 2021 by the new overnight show The Late Showgram with Jim Richards; he would later move to an evening show, Newstalk Tonight, in 2022.[26][27] As of 2024, other Bell Media Radio-syndicated shows include The Vassy Kapelos Show, The Richard Crouse Show, The Jerry Agar Show, and the CTV National News.


City Call Sign Frequency Branding Network Format
Amqui, Quebec CFVM-FM[note 1] FM 99.9 99,9 Rouge Rouge FM adult contemporary
Bathurst, New Brunswick CKBC-FM[note 2] FM 104.9 Bounce 104.9 Bounce adult hits
Brandon, Manitoba CKX-FM FM 96.1 Bounce 96.1 Bounce adult hits
CKXA-FM FM 101.1 Pure Country 101 Pure Country country
Brockville, Ontario CJPT-FM[note 3] FM 103.7 Bounce 103.7 Bounce adult hits
CFJR-FM[note 3] FM 104.9 Move 104.9 Move Radio adult contemporary
Calgary, Alberta CIBK-FM FM 98.5 98.5 Virgin Radio Virgin Radio contemporary hit radio
CJAY-FM FM 92.1 CJAY 92 mainstream rock
Dawson Creek, British Columbia CJDC[note 4] AM 890 Pure Country 890 Pure Country country
Drummondville, Quebec CHRD-FM[note 1] FM 105.3 105,3 Rouge Rouge FM adult contemporary
CJDM-FM[note 1] FM 92.1 Énergie 92,1 Énergie mainstream rock
Edmonton, Alberta CFBR-FM FM 100.3 100.3 The Bear active rock
CFMG-FM FM 104.9 104.9 Virgin Radio Virgin Radio contemporary hit radio
Fort Nelson, British Columbia CKRX-FM[note 4] FM 102.3 Bounce 102.3 Bounce adult hits
Fort St. John, British Columbia CHRX-FM[note 4] FM 98.5 Move 98.5 Move Radio adult contemporary
CKNL-FM[note 4] FM 101.5 Bounce 101.5 Bounce adult hits
Fredericton, New Brunswick CKHJ AM 1260 Pure Country 103.5 Pure Country country
CFXY-FM FM 105.3 Bounce 105.3 Bounce adult hits
CIBX-FM FM 106.9 Move 106.9 Move Radio adult contemporary
Gatineau, Quebec CIMF-FM FM 94.9 94,9 Rouge Rouge FM adult contemporary
CKTF-FM FM 104.1 Énergie 104,1 Énergie mainstream rock
Golden, British Columbia CKGR-FM[note 4] FM 106.3 Bounce 106.3 Bounce adult hits
Grand Falls, New Brunswick CIKX-FM[note 2] FM 93.5 Bounce 93 Bounce adult hits
Halifax, Nova Scotia CJCH-FM FM 101.3 101.3 Virgin Radio Virgin Radio contemporary hit radio
CIOO-FM FM 100.1 Move 100 Move Radio adult contemporary
Hamilton, Ontario CKLH-FM[note 5] FM 102.9 Bounce 102.9 Bounce adult hits
Kawartha Lakes, Ontario CKLY-FM[note 6] FM 91.9 Bounce 91.9 Bounce adult hits
Kelowna, British Columbia CKFR[note 4] AM 1150 AM 1150 iHeart Radio Talk Network news/talk
CHSU-FM[note 4] FM 99.9 99.9 Virgin Radio Virgin Radio contemporary hit radio
CILK-FM[note 4] FM 101.5 Move 101.5 Move Radio adult contemporary
Kingston, Ontario CFLY-FM[note 3] FM 98.3 Move 98.3 Move Radio adult contemporary
CKLC-FM[note 3] FM 98.9 Pure Country 99 Pure Country country
Kitimat, British Columbia CKTK-FM[note 4] FM 97.7 Bounce 97.7 Bounce adult hits
London, Ontario CIQM-FM FM 97.5 97.5 Virgin Radio Virgin Radio contemporary hit radio
CJBX-FM FM 92.7 Pure Country 93 Pure Country country
Magog, Quebec CIMO-FM FM 106.1 Énergie 106,1 Énergie mainstream rock
Midland, Ontario CICZ-FM FM 104.1 Bounce 104.1 Bounce adult hits
Montreal, Quebec CKGM AM 690 TSN 690 TSN Radio sports
CJAD AM 800 CJAD 800 AM iHeart Radio Talk Network news/talk
CHOM-FM FM 97.7 CHOM 97.7 mainstream rock
CJFM-FM FM 95.9 95.9 Virgin Radio Virgin Radio contemporary hit radio
CKMF-FM FM 94.3 Énergie 94,3 Énergie mainstream rock
CITE-FM FM 107.3 107,3 Rouge Rouge FM adult contemporary
Nelson, British Columbia CKKC-FM[note 4] FM 106.9 Bounce Radio Bounce adult hits
Orillia, Ontario CICX-FM FM 105.9 Pure Country 106 Pure Country country
Osoyoos, British Columbia CJOR[note 4] AM 1240 Bounce 1240 Bounce adult hits
Ottawa, Ontario CFRA AM 580 580 CFRA iHeart Radio Talk Network news/talk
CFGO AM 1200 TSN 1200 TSN Radio sports
CKKL-FM FM 93.9 Pure Country 94 Pure Country country
CJMJ-FM FM 100.3 Move 100 Move Radio adult contemporary
Owen Sound, Ontario CJOS-FM[note 7] FM 92.3 Bounce 92.3 Bounce adult hits
Pembroke, Ontario CHVR-FM FM 96.7 Pure Country 96.7 Pure Country country
Penticton, British Columbia CKOR[note 4] AM 800 Bounce 800 Bounce adult hits
CJMG-FM[note 4] FM 97.1 Move 97.1 Move Radio adult contemporary
Peterborough, Ontario CKPT-FM[note 6] FM 99.7 Move 99.7 Move Radio adult contemporary
CKQM-FM[note 6] FM 105.1 Pure Country 105 Pure Country country
Prince Rupert, British Columbia CHTK-FM[note 4] FM 99.1 Bounce 99.1 Bounce adult hits
Quebec City, Quebec CHIK-FM FM 98.9 Énergie 98,9 Énergie mainstream rock
CITF-FM FM 107.5 107,5 Rouge Rouge FM adult contemporary
Regina, Saskatchewan CHBD-FM FM 92.7 Pure Country 92.7 Pure Country country
Revelstoke, British Columbia CKCR-FM[note 4] FM 106.1 Bounce 106.1 Bounce adult hits
Rimouski, Quebec CIKI-FM[note 1] FM 98.7 Énergie 98,7 Énergie mainstream rock
CJOI-FM[note 1] FM 102.9 102,9 Rouge Rouge FM adult contemporary
Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec CJMM-FM FM 99.1 Énergie 99,1 Énergie mainstream rock
Saguenay, Quebec CFIX-FM FM 96.9 96,9 Rouge Rouge FM adult contemporary
CJAB-FM FM 94.5 Énergie 94,5 Énergie mainstream rock
Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec CFEI-FM[note 1] FM 106.5 Boom 106,5 Boom FM oldies
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec CFZZ-FM[note 1] FM 104.1 Boom 104,1 Boom FM oldies
Salmon Arm, British Columbia CKXR-FM[note 4] FM 91.5 Bounce 91.5 Bounce adult hits
Sherbrooke, Quebec CITE-FM-1 FM 102.7 102,7 Rouge Rouge FM adult contemporary
St. Catharines, Ontario CKTB[note 5] AM 610 Newstalk 610 CKTB iHeart Radio Talk Network news/talk
CHRE-FM[note 5] FM 105.7 Move 105.7 Move Radio adult contemporary
CHTZ-FM[note 5] FM 97.7 97.7 HTZ-FM active rock
Sudbury, Ontario CICS-FM FM 91.7 Pure Country 91.7 Pure Country country
Summerland, British Columbia CHOR-FM[note 4] FM 98.5 Bounce 98.5 Bounce adult hits
Terrace, British Columbia CFTK[note 4] AM 590 Bounce 590 Bounce adult hits
CJFW-FM[note 4] FM 103.1 Pure Country 103.1 Pure Country country
Toronto, Ontario CFRB AM 1010 Newstalk 1010 iHeart Radio Talk Network news/talk
CHUM AM 1050 TSN 1050 TSN Radio sports
CHUM-FM FM 104.5 CHUM 104.5 hot adult contemporary
CKFM-FM FM 99.9 99.9 Virgin Radio Virgin Radio contemporary hit radio
Trail, British Columbia CJAT-FM[note 4] FM 95.7 Bounce Radio Bounce adult hits
Trois-Rivières, Quebec CHEY-FM FM 94.7 94,7 Rouge Rouge FM adult contemporary
CIGB-FM FM 102.3 Énergie 102,3 Énergie mainstream rock
Truro, Nova Scotia CKTO-FM[note 2] FM 100.9 Bounce 100.9 Bounce adult hits
CKTY-FM[note 2] FM 99.5 Pure Country 99.5 Pure Country country
Val-d'Or, Quebec CJMV-FM FM 102.7 Énergie 102,7 Énergie mainstream rock
Vancouver, British Columbia CFBT-FM FM 94.5 94.5 Virgin Radio Virgin Radio contemporary hit radio
CHQM-FM FM 103.5 Move 103.5 Move Radio adult contemporary
Vernon, British Columbia CICF-FM[note 4] FM 105.7 Pure Country 105.7 Pure Country country
Victoria, British Columbia CFAX AM 1070 CFAX 1070 iHeart Radio Talk Network news/talk
CHBE-FM FM 107.3 107.3 Virgin Radio Virgin Radio contemporary hit radio
Waterloo, Ontario CKKW-FM FM 99.5 Bounce 99.5 Bounce adult hits
CFCA-FM FM 105.3 105.3 Virgin Radio Virgin Radio contemporary hit radio
Windsor, Ontario CKLW AM 800 AM 800 CKLW iHeart Radio Talk Network news/talk
CIDR-FM FM 93.9 93.9 Virgin Radio Virgin Radio contemporary hit radio
CIMX-FM FM 88.7 Pure Country 89 Pure Country country
Winnipeg, Manitoba CFWM-FM FM 99.9 Bounce 99.9 Bounce adult hits
CKMM-FM FM 103.1 103.1 Virgin Radio Virgin Radio contemporary hit radio
Woodstock, New Brunswick CJCJ-FM[note 2] FM 104.1 Pure Country 104 Pure Country country
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Former stations

City of licence Call sign Frequency Band Years owned Fate
Calgary, AB CKMX 1060 AM 2013–2023 Defunct, ceased operations in 2023
CFVP 6.03 SW 2013-2023 Defunct shortwave relay of CKMX.
Edmonton, AB CFRN 1260 AM 2013–2023 Defunct, ceased operations in 2023
CHBN-FM 91.7 FM 2005–2010 Sold to Rogers Sports & Media in 2010.
Hamilton, ON CHAM 820 AM 2013–2024 Sold to CINA Radio Group in 2023, CRTC approved sale in 2024.
Hamilton, ON CKOC 1150 AM 2013–2024 Sold to CINA Radio Group in 2023, CRTC approved sale in 2024
London, ON CJBK 1290 AM 2013–2023 Defunct, ceased operations in 2023
CHST-FM 102.3 FM 2000–2010 Sold to Rogers Sports & Media in 2010
Toronto, ON CFXJ-FM 93.5 FM 2010–2013 Sold to Stingray Radio in 2013.
Vancouver, BC CKST 1040 AM 1992–2023 Defunct, ceased operations in 2023
CFTE 1410 AM 1973–2023 Defunct, ceased operations in 2023
Windsor, ON CKWW 580 AM 1985–2024 Sold to CINA Radio Group in 2023, CRTC approved the sale in 2024.
Winnipeg, MB CFRW 1290 AM 1974–2023 Defunct, ceased operations in 2023

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