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2023 Argentine primary elections

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2023 Argentine primary elections

  • 13 August 2023
Presidential primary
← 2019
2027 →
Opinion polls
Javier Milei in 2022.jpg
Sergio Massa (49619602321) (cropped).jpg
Seguridad patricia bullrich (cropped).jpg
Nominee Javier Milei Sergio Massa Patricia Bullrich
Alliance LLA UP JxC
Running mate Victoria Villarruel Agustín Rossi Luis Petri
States carried 16 5 2 + CABA
Popular vote 7,352,244 5,277,538 4,139,566
Percentage 29.86% 21.43% 16.81%

Conferencia horacio rodriguez larreta 15-4-21 1 (cropped).jpg
Conversa com Juan Grabois, Lisboa, Mar. 2023 (52760468063) (cropped).jpg
Nominee Horacio Rodríguez Larreta Juan Grabois
Alliance JxC UP
Running mate Gerardo Morales Paula Abal Medina
States carried 0 0
Popular vote 2,756,375 1,441,504
Percentage 11.19% 5.85%

Legislative primary
← 2021
2025 →

On 13 August 2023,[1][2] the Simultaneous and Mandatory Open Primaries (PASO) were held in Argentina to determine candidatures for national offices in the presidential and legislative elections on 22 October 2023. It was the first election where Peronism lost and ended in third place.[3]


In these primary elections, the candidates for President of Argentina and national legislators (national senators and deputies) will be elected. However, the fronts that will compete independently, to be qualified for the general elections in October, must meet the requirement of reaching at least 1.5% of the valid votes. While in the fronts with several candidates, the candidate with the most votes with the aforementioned minimum is enabled.

The elections for provincial offices (governors, provincial deputies, provincial senators, etc.) and municipal (mayors, councilors, etc.) are independent of the elections for national offices and may or may not be held on the same dates.

Citizens of 16 years of age and also people of 15 years of age who turn before October 27 (with the exception of the province of Córdoba) will also be authorized to vote.

The Simultaneous and Mandatory Open Primaries (PASO) will be held on 13 August 2023. With this system, the candidates are elected within each alliance, in the same mandatory electoral act, in which citizens can vote for any pre-candidate from any party, but they can only cast one vote. When there is more than one pre-candidate per alliance, the one that obtains the most votes will be chosen as that alliance's candidate for the general elections, to be held two months later. The PASO also define which forces can appear in the general elections, since only those that obtain a minimum of 1.5% of the valid votes can do so.

It had the particularity that in the City of Buenos Aires (CABA), to vote for the head of the Buenos Aires government, an electronic ballot was used.



Alliance List Pre-Candidates Ref.
President Vice President
Union for the Homeland 134 A Celeste y Blanca Sergio Massa Agustín Rossi [4]
134 B Justa y Soberana Juan Grabois Paula Abal Medina
Juntos por el Cambio 132 A El Cambio de Nuestras Vidas Horacio Rodríguez Larreta Gerardo Morales
132 B La Fuerza del Cambio Patricia Bullrich Luis Petri
La Libertad Avanza 135 A Libertad por Siempre Javier Milei Victoria Villarruel
Workers' Left Front 136 A Unir y Fortalecer a la Izquierda Myriam Bregman Nicolás del Caño
136 B Unidad de Luchadores y la Izquierda Gabriel Solano Vilma Ripoll
Hacemos por Nuestro País 133 A Hacemos Juan Schiaretti Florencio Randazzo
Principles and Values 137 1A Tierra, Techo y Trabajo Guillermo Moreno Leonardo Fabre
137 2B Transformar Eliodoro Martínez Vicente Souto
137 3C Tres Banderas Jorge Oliver Ezequiel San Martín
137 4D Gente de Trabajo Carina Bartolini Mabel Gómez
137 5E Laborista Paula Arias Walter Vera
Frente Liber.AR 131 A Demos Nazareno Etchepare Fernando Lorenzo
131 B Reconquista Ramiro Vasena Aníbal Lagonegro
131 C Anticorrupción Julio Bárbaro Ramona Pucheta
Freemen of the South 40 A Azul y Rojo Jesús Escobar Marianella Lezama Hid
New Movement for Socialism 13 Izquierda Anticapitalista Manuela Castañeira Lucas Ruiz
Política Obrera 92 Unidad Obrera Marcelo Ramal Patricia Urones
Youth and Dignity Left Movement 90 A Dignidad Raúl Castells Adriana Reinoso
90 B Confederal Santiago Cúneo Gustavo Barranco
Proyecto Joven 94 A Coalición Paz, Democracia y Soberania Mempo Giardinelli Bárbara Solernou
94 B Patria Unida Martín Ayerbe Hugo Rodríguez
94 C Todex Reina Xiomara Ibáñez Gonzalo Ibarra
Federal Patriot Front 95 Primero la Patria César Biondini Mariel Avedaño
Union of the Democratic Centre 20 A Apertura Liberal Argentina Andrés Passamonti Pamela Fernández
Neighborhood Action Movement 57 Compromiso Vecinal Raúl Albarracín Sergio Pastore

Election day


Primary Hour Final Ref(s).
12:00 +/- 14:00 15:00 +/- 16:00 17:00 +/- 18:20
2019 30% Decrease 2% 42% 48% Steady 0% 58% 66% Decrease 4.5% 76.4% [5]
2023 28% 48% 61.5% 66% 69,6% [6][7][8][9]


Presidential primaries

Party Presidential candidate Running mate Candidate votes Overall votes
Votes % Votes %
La Libertad Avanza Javier Milei Victoria Villarruel 7,352,244 29.86 7,352,244 29.86
Together for Change Patricia Bullrich Luis Petri 4,139,566 16.81 6,895,941 28.00
Horacio Rodríguez Larreta Gerardo Morales 2,756,375 11.19
Union for the Homeland Sergio Massa Agustín Rossi 5,277,538 21.43 6,719,042 27.28
Juan Grabois Paula Abal Medina 1,441,504 5.85
We Do for Our Country Juan Schiaretti Florencio Randazzo 914,812 3.71 914,812 3.71
Left and Worker's Front-Unity Myriam Bregman Nicolás del Caño 451,275 1.83 642,773 2.61
Gabriel Solano Vilma Ripoll 191,498 0.78
Principles and Values Guillermo Moreno Leonardo Fabre 189,756 0.77 194,160 0.79
Eliodoro Martínez Vicente Souto 2,516 0.01
Paula Arias Walter Vera 1,507 0.01
Jorge Oliver Ezequiel San Martín 197 0.00
Carina Bartolini Mabel Gómez 184 0.00
Freemen of the South Movement Jesús Escobar Marianella Lezama Hid 158,840 0.65 158,840 0.65
New Movement for Socialism Manuela Castañeira Lucas Ruiz 87,681 0.36 87,681 0.36
Youth and Dignity Left Movement Santiago Cúneo Gustavo Barranco 57,754 0.23 84,361 0.34
Raúl Castells Adriana Reinoso 26,607 0.11
Workers' Party Marcelo Ramal Patricia Urones 64,213 0.26 64,213 0.26
Federal Patriot Front César Biondini Mariel Avedaño 51,850 0.21 51,850 0.21
Neighbourhood Action Movement Raúl Albarracín Sergio Pastore 43,480 0.18 43,480 0.18
Youth Project Mempo Giardinelli Bárbara Solernou 11,944 0.05 24,304 0.10
Martín Ayerbe Hugo Rodríguez 8,829 0.04
Reina Xiomara Ibáñez Gonzalo Ibarra 3,531 0.01
Liber.AR Ramiro Vasena Aníbal Lagonegro 12,990 0.05 23,554 0.10
Nazareno Etchepare Fernando Lorenzo 7,732 0.03
Julio Bárbaro Ramona Pucheta 2,832 0.01
Union of the Democratic Centre Andrés Passamonti Pamela Fernández 12,041 0.05 12,041 0.05
Blank votes 1,356,480 5.51
Total 24,625,776 100
Valid votes 24,625,776 98.76
Invalid votes 309,807 1.24
Total votes 24,935,583 100
Registered voters/turnout 35,405,013 70.43

Legislative primaries

Chamber of Deputies

Party or allianceVotes%
Together for ChangeThe Force of Change (Patricia Bullrich)[a]3,188,98215.10
The Change of Our Lives (Horacio Rodríguez Larreta)[b]2,389,53911.31
Together for Change[c]666,0703.15
Corrientes Meeting210,2391.00
Wake Up Chubut66,4650.31
Radical Civic Union[d]16,5280.08
UNIR Constitutional Nationalist Party2,1930.01
Salta Renewal Party2,0620.01
Union for the HomelandCelestial and White (Sergio Massa)[e]4,615,39921.85
Union for the Homeland[f]725,7773.44
Civic Front for Santiago271,5191.29
October 17th195,0090.92
Union for Salta80,8860.38
Let's Go San Juan72,4530.34
Union for Victory68,3880.32
Union for Chubut61,1790.29
San Juan Comes Back58,6960.28
Renewal Unity37,9800.18
Union for Jujuy34,2040.16
Santa Cruz Agreement17,9370.08
Let's Build Together14,2870.07
Union for the Hapiness of Salta9,5330.05
The María Eva9,0830.04
Rebuild Chubut3,6380.02
La Libertad AvanzaLa Libertad Avanza5,003,81323.69
Ahora Patria312,2891.48
Republican Force261,0281.24
Partido Renovador Federal141,1730.67
Partido Fe134,6560.64
Arriba Neuquén132,9910.63
Light Blue and White Union125,0770.59
Republicanos Unidos29,8860.14
Fuerza Liberal8,9390.04
Hacemos por Nuestro PaísHacemos por Nuestro País709,4313.36
Christian Democratic Party[g]16,1090.08
Aptitud Renovadora15,4650.07
Federal Commitment13,0510.06
Partido Autonomista[h]10,6480.05
Socialist Party[i]8,0580.04
Partido Unión y Libertad6,5530.03
Federal Popular Union[j]6,2220.03
Nuevo Espacio de Opinión2,2150.01
Nueve de Julio2,2030.01
Patria Grande1,9870.01
Santiago lo Merece1,3870.01
Santiago Autonomista1,1970.01
Workers' Left FrontUnir y Fortalecer a la Izquierda (PTSIS)428,8982.03
Unidad de Luchadores y la Izquierda (POMST)186,6100.88
Party of Workers7,5760.04
New Left6,6840.03
Freemen of the South MovementFreemen of the South Movement126,9830.60
Libres y Socialistas12,4190.06
Principles and ValuesTierra, Techo y Trabajo (Guillermo Moreno)[k]54,5370.26
Gobernar es Crear Trabajo21,7870.10
Santa Fe Primero7,2980.03
Unidad Santafesina5,5260.03
Por los Principios Sociales4,7320.02
Partido Popular3,6650.02
Movimiento Integración Latinoamericana de Expresión Social3,3180.02
Producción y Trabajo2,1540.01
Producción y Justicia Social2,2730.01
Por Club, Capilla y Colegio1,8600.01
La Nueva Santa Fe1,4400.01
Unidos por la Gente1,0670.01
Crezcamos por Santa Fe8370.00
Voces Libertarias SdE7830.00
Recuperando Nuestra Cultura6290.00
Por los Valores2550.00
New MAS50,0520.24
Youth and Dignity Left MovementConfederal (Santiago Cúneo)25,3090.12
Dignidad (Raúl Castells)10,4240.05
Santa Fe Segura1,5790.01
Together We Are Río Negro36,7620.17
Neuquén People's MovementNeuquén País30,7370.15
Unidos por Neuquén5,2640.02
Política Obrera35,3300.17
Renewal Front[l]24,0890.11
Patriot Front23,1930.11
Nueva Unión Celeste21,3810.10
Partido Agrario y Social21,0980.10
Salta Independiente16,8970.08
Libertarian Party14,0230.07
Proyecto JovenPaz, Democracia y Soberanía6,5300.03
Frente Joven1,7470.01
Patria Unida (Martín Ayerbe)1,0190.00
Nuevas Ideas5870.00
Centro, Norte y Sur Unidos5670.00
Jóvenes en Acción4660.00
Viva la Libertad2440.00
Patria y Futuro1750.00
DEMOS Libertad1230.00
Encuentro Republicano FederalMovimiento Viable5,5160.03
Republicano Popular1,1260.01
Despierta Santiago5700.00
Buenos Aires Primero9,0440.04
Construyendo Porvenir8,5900.04
Somos Fueguinos8,5620.04
Por Santa Cruz8,2830.04
Frente Amplio por la Soberanía7,6270.04
Nuevo RumboFederal Commitment1,9790.01
Por los Valores1,8360.01
Recreo Social1,8180.01
Vecinos con Rumbo1,7180.01
Corriente de Pensamiento Bonaerense7,3470.03
Política Abierta para la Integridad SocialPrimero Santa Fe2,5410.01
Con los Mismos, No1,9510.01
Azul Única1,5410.01
Partido FeNuevo Horizonte2,5770.01
Vamos con Fe2,1230.01
Siempre con Fe1,2790.01
Partido Todos por Buenos Aires5,4430.03
Confianza Pública5,3430.03
Partido Autonomista[m]Futuro Mejor1,7560.01
Dignidad Animal1,2930.01
Autonomista en Marcha1,2390.01
Movimiento de Organización Democrática4,8910.02
Union of the Democratic CentreLa Libertad Primero3,4620.02
Union of the Democratic Centre8350.00
Democratic Party4,2770.02
Partido Unidad Social4,1930.02
Frente Federal de Acción Solidaria3,9630.02
Frente Liber.ARDemos (Nazareno Etchepare)2,7660.01
Anticorruption (Julio Bárbaro)[n]1,1840.01
Frente Integrador3,8110.02
Movimiento Independiente Renovador3,2830.02
Justicia y Dignidad Patriotica2,7560.01
Movimiento de Acción Vecinal2,5960.01
Republicanos Unidos2,3410.01
Generation for a National Encounter2,2150.01
Christian Democratic Party[o]1,9900.01
Renewal Crusade1,9430.01
La Nueva Independencia1,9260.01
Humanist Party1,9230.01
Labour PartyLibertad y Trabajo1,3940.01
La Clase Obrera1840.00
Frente Laborista1500.00
Partido Tres BanderasSoberanía6960.00
Por La Justicia3280.00
Auténticos Liberales CatamarcaLibertarios90.00
Liberar y Popular60.00
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Milei and his coalition's win achieved international recognition and headlines, from The New York Times to El País and Latin American media and Asian news agencies, which reported on Milei's surprise win and the uncertain electoral scenario in Argentina for the 2023 October general election.[12] Analysts saw his win as the voters being frustrated by both Peronist and non-Peronist governments.[13]

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2023 Argentine primary elections
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