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List of 2022 UCI ProTeams and Continental teams

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) – the governing body of cycling – categorizes teams into three divisions. The first division, consisting of the top 18 teams, is classified as UCI WorldTeams, and competes in the UCI World Tour. The second and third divisions, respectively, are the ProTeams (formerly known as Professional Continental teams) and the Continental teams.

2022 UCI ProTeams


According to the UCI Rulebook,[1]

A UCI ProTeam is an organisation created to take part in road events open to UCI ProTeams . . . [and] is known by a unique name and registered with the UCI in accordance with the provisions below.

  • The UCI ProTeam comprises all the riders registered with the UCI as members of the team, the paying agent, the sponsors and all other persons contracted by the paying agent and/or the sponsors to provide for the operation of the team (manager, sports director, coach, paramedical assistant, mechanic, etc.).
  • Each ProTeam must employ at least 20 riders, 3 team managers and 5 other staff (paramedical assistants, mechanics, etc.) on a full time basis to be eligible for the whole registration year.

ProTeams compete in the UCI Continental Circuits, which are divided into five continental zones: Africa, America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania.[2] Sometimes, teams are also invited to participate in UCI World Tour and UCI ProSeries events, usually through wildcard invitations, although they are not eligible to win points in the World Tour rankings.

Code Official Team Name[3][4] Country Continent
AFC Alpecin–Fenix  Belgium Europe
ARK Arkéa–Samsic  France Europe
BBK B&B Hotels–KTM  France Europe
BCF Bardiani–CSF–Faizanè  Italy Europe
BWB Bingoal Pauwels Sauces WB  Belgium Europe
BBH Burgos BH  Spain Europe
CJR Caja Rural–Seguros RGA  Spain Europe
DRA Drone Hopper–Androni Giocattoli  Italy Europe
EOK Eolo–Kometa  Italy Europe
EKP Equipo Kern Pharma  Spain Europe
FOR Euskaltel–Euskadi  Spain Europe
GAZ Gazprom–RusVelo[a]  Russia Europe
HPM Human Powered Health  United States America
SVB Sport Vlaanderen–Baloise  Belgium Europe
TNN Team Novo Nordisk  United States America
TEN Team TotalEnergies  France Europe
UXT Uno-X Pro Cycling Team  Norway Europe

2022 UCI Continental teams


According to the UCI Rulebook,[1]

A UCI continental team or UCI women’s continental team is a team of road riders recognised and certified by the National Federation of the nationality of the majority of its riders to take part in road events on the international calendars.

  • A UCI Continental team or UCI women's continental team will comprise riders who may or may not be professional, in the elite and/or under 23 categories. It must have minimum 10 riders for UCI continental teams, 8 for UCI women’s continental teams and a maximum of 16 riders for both categories.
  • However, a UCI continental team shall also have the right to add up to 4 riders specialising in other endurance cycling disciplines (cyclo-cross; mountain bike: cross country; track: points race, scratch, pursuit, omnium) as long as the riders in question are among the top 150 of the last final UCI individual classification.

Continental teams, the third division of the UCI cycling pyramid, compete almost exclusively in the UCI Continental Circuits while sometimes getting wildcard invitations to UCI ProSeries events as well.

As of 11 May 2022
Code Official Team Name[4][6] Country Continent
BSP BAI–Sicasal–Petro de Luanda  Angola Africa
AVF Agrupación Virgen de Fátima–San Juan Biker Motos  Argentina South America
CTQ Chimbas Te Quiero  Argentina South America
EGD Electro 3–Gremios por el Deporte  Argentina South America
EMP Equipo Continental Municipalidad de Pocito  Argentina South America
MDR Municipalidad de Rawson  Argentina South America
CSL Equipo Continental San Luis  Argentina South America
SEP Sindicato de Empleados Publicos de San Juan  Argentina South America
ACA ARA Pro Racing Sunshine Coast  Australia Oceania
NER Nero Continental  Australia Oceania
STG St George Continental Cycling Team  Australia Oceania
BLN Team BridgeLane  Australia Oceania
HAC Hrinkow Advarics  Austria Europe
RSW Team Felbermayr–Simplon Wels  Austria Europe
VBG Team Vorarlberg  Austria Europe
TIR Tirol KTM Cycling Team  Austria Europe
URT Union Raiffeisen Radteam Tirol  Austria Europe
WSA WSA KTM Graz p/b Leomo  Austria Europe
BCA Bahrain Cycling Academy  Bahrain Asia
CCN CCN Factory Racing[a]  Belarus Europe
MCC Minsk Cycling Club[a]  Belarus Europe
AFD Alpecin–Fenix Development Team  Belgium Europe
WBD Bingoal Pauwels Sauces WB Development Team  Belgium Europe
EHS Elevate p/b Home Solution–Soenens  Belgium Europe
GDM Geofco–Doltcini Matériel-vé  Belgium Europe
MCT Minerva Cycling Team  Belgium Europe
TIS Tarteletto–Isorex  Belgium Europe
PRC Pio Rico Cycling Team  Bolivia South America
SCP Swift Carbon Pro Cycling Brasil  Brazil South America
PTU Premier Tech U-23 Cycling Project  Canada America
TOR Toronto Hustle  Canada America
XSU X-Speed United  Canada America
Y4M Yoeleo Test Team p/b 4Mind  Canada America
CGS China Glory Continental Cycling Team  China Asia
MSS Giant Cycling Team  China Asia
BDR Henan Bodywrap Cycling Team  China Asia
HEN Hengxiang Cycling Team  China Asia
LNS Li-Ning Star  China Asia
NLC Ningxia Sports Lottery Continental Team  China Asia
PDS Pardus Cycling Team  China Asia
PIT Pingtan International Tourism Island Cycling Team  China Asia
XDS Shenzhen Xidesheng Cycling Team  China Asia
THT The Hurricane & Thunder Cycling Team  China Asia
TYD Tianyoude Hotel Cycling Team  China Asia
CTA Colombia Tierra de Atletas–GW Shimano  Colombia South America
EHE Electro Hiper Europa–Caldas  Colombia South America
MED Team Medellín–EPM  Colombia South America
MKT Meridiana–Kamen  Croatia Europe
ACS AC Sparta Praha  Czech Republic Europe
ATT ATT Investments  Czech Republic Europe
EKA Elkov–Kasper  Czech Republic Europe
SKC Tufo–Pardus Prostějov  Czech Republic Europe
BPC BHS–PL Beton Bornholm  Denmark Europe
GSH Restaurant Suri–Carl Ras  Denmark Europe
RIW Riwal Cycling Team  Denmark Europe
TCQ Team ColoQuick  Denmark Europe
MBP Movistar–Best PC  Ecuador South America
BGE Team Banco Guayaquil–Ecuador  Ecuador South America
TAT Team Ampler–Tartu2024  Estonia Europe
GRL Go Sport–Roubaix–Lille Métropole  France Europe
CGF Groupama–FDJ Continental Team  France Europe
NMC Nice Métropole Côte d'Azur  France Europe
AUB St. Michel–Auber93  France Europe
UNA Team UC Nantes Atlantique  France Europe
BAI Bike Aid  Germany Europe
TDA Dauner–Akkon  Germany Europe
PBS Maloja Pushbikers  Germany Europe
PUS P&S Benotti  Germany Europe
RNR Rad-Net Rose Team  Germany Europe
SVL Saris Rouvy Sauerland Team  Germany Europe
SWT Santic–Wibatech  Germany Europe
LKH Team Lotto–Kern Haus  Germany Europe
ECT EuroCyclingTrips Pro Cycling  Guam Oceania
HKS HKSI Pro Cycling Team  Hong Kong Asia
MLA Mula Cycling Team  Indonesia Asia
RJC Roojai Cycling Team  Indonesia Asia
ASO Arvich Shargh Omidnia  Iran Asia
UAT Azad University Team  Iran Asia
EVO EvoPro Racing  Ireland Europe
ICA Israel Cycling Academy  Israel Europe
BTC Beltrami TSA–Tre Colli  Italy Europe
BIE Biesse–Carrera  Italy Europe
CAR Carnovali–Rime  Italy Europe
CTF Cycling Team Friuli ASD  Italy Europe
AZT D'Amico–UM Tools  Italy Europe
GAL Gallina Ecotek Lucchini  Italy Europe
GEF General Store–Essegibi–Fratelli Curia  Italy Europe
MGK MG.K vis Colors for Peace VPM  Italy Europe
CPK Team Colpack–Ballan  Italy Europe
COR Team Corratec  Italy Europe
T4Q Team Qhubeka  Italy Europe
IWM Work Service–Vitalcare–Vega  Italy Europe
ZEF Zalf Euromobil Fior  Italy Europe
AIS Aisan Racing Team  Japan Asia
KIN Kinan Racing Team  Japan Asia
MTR Matrix Powertag  Japan Asia
NAS Nasu Blasen  Japan Asia
SMN Shimano Racing  Japan Asia
BGT Team Bridgestone Cycling  Japan Asia
UKO Team Ukyo  Japan Asia
BLZ Utsunomiya Blitzen  Japan Asia
VCH Victoire Hiroshima  Japan Asia
ALT Almaty Cycling Team  Kazakhstan Asia
AQD Astana Qazaqstan Development Team  Kazakhstan Asia
VSM Vino SKO Team  Kazakhstan Asia
KPT Kuwait Pro Cycling Team  Kuwait Asia
KCC Kaunas Cycling Team  Lithuania Europe
VCT Voltas Cycling Team  Lithuania Europe
LPC Leopard Pro Cycling  Luxembourg Europe
SNC Sweet Nice Continental Cycling Team  Malaysia Asia
TSC Team Sapura Cycling  Malaysia Asia
TSG Terengganu Polygon Cycling Team  Malaysia Asia
FMD Ferei Mongolia Development Team  Mongolia Asia
SUT Sidi Ali–Unlock Team  Morocco Africa
ABC Abloc CT  Netherlands Europe
ALQ Allinq Continental Cycling Team  Netherlands Europe
BCY BEAT Cycling  Netherlands Europe
DDS Development Team DSM  Netherlands Europe
JVD Jumbo–Visma Development Team  Netherlands Europe
MET Metec–Solarwatt p/b Mantel  Netherlands Europe
VWE VolkerWessels Cycling Team  Netherlands Europe
TCO Team Coop  Norway Europe
UDT Uno-X Dare Development Team  Norway Europe
BEB Bolton Equities Black Spoke Pro Cycling  New Zealand Oceania
GLC Global 6 Cycling  New Zealand Oceania
NZP MitoQ–NZ Cycling Project  New Zealand Oceania
PCV Panamá es Cultura y Valores  Panama South America
MVC Massi Vivo–Conecta[b]  Paraguay South America
7RP 7 Eleven–Cliqq–air21 by Roadbike Philippines  Philippines Asia
G4G Go for Gold Philippines  Philippines Asia
MSP HRE Mazowsze Serce Polski  Poland Europe
VOS Voster ATS Team  Poland Europe
CDF ABTF–Feirense  Portugal Europe
ATM Atum General / Tavira / AP Maria Nova Hotel  Portugal Europe
ALL Aviludo–Louletano–Loulé Concelho  Portugal Europe
EFL Efapel Cycling  Portugal Europe
GCT Glassdrive–Q8–Anicolor  Portugal Europe
KSU Kelly / Simoldes / UDO  Portugal Europe
LAA LA Alumínios / Credibom / Marcos Car  Portugal Europe
RPB Rádio Popular–Paredes–Boavista  Portugal Europe
TAV Tavfer–Mortágua–Ovos Matinados  Portugal Europe
W52 W52 / FC Porto  Portugal Europe
GTS Giotti Victoria–Savini Due  Romania Europe
MEN Mentorise Elite Team CFX  Romania Europe
TNV Team Novak  Romania Europe
VZR Vozrozhdenie[a]  Russia Europe
BIG Benediction Ignite  Rwanda Africa
MSR May Stars Cycling  Rwanda Africa
FCM Ferei–CCN Metalac  Serbia Europe
DKB Dukla Banská Bystrica  Slovakia Europe
ADR Adria Mobil  Slovenia Europe
CTK Cycling Team Kranj  Slovenia Europe
LGS Ljubljana Gusto Santic  Slovenia Europe
PRO ProTouch  South Africa Africa
GPC Gapyeong Cycling Team  South Korea Asia
GIC Geumsan Insam Cello  South Korea Asia
KSP KSPO Professional  South Korea Asia
KCT Korail Cycling Team  South Korea Asia
LXC LX Cycling Team  South Korea Asia
SCT Seoul Cycling Team  South Korea Asia
UCT Uijeongbu Cycling Team  South Korea Asia
MAN Manuela Fundación  Spain Europe
MSA Motala AIF Serneke Allebike  Sweden Europe
TUD Tudor Pro Cycling Team  Switzerland Europe
MPC Meiyo CCN Pro Cycling  Taiwan Asia
GTB Grant Thornton–Bike Zone  Thailand Asia
TCC Thailand Continental Cycling Team  Thailand Asia
SBB Sakarya BB Pro Team  Turkey Europe
STC Spor Toto Cycling Team  Turkey Europe
EGS Eurocar GS Cycling Team  Ukraine Europe
RWC Ribble Weldtite  United Kingdom Europe
SPC Saint Piran  United Kingdom Europe
RDW WiV SunGod  United Kingdom Europe
TRI Trinity Racing  United Kingdom Europe
EFD EF Education–Nippo Development Team  United States America
HBA Hagens Berman Axeon  United States America
ILU Team Illuminate  United States America
LLA L39ION of Los Angeles  United States America
TND Team Novo Nordisk Development  United States America
TSL Team Skyline  United States America
WGC Wildlife Generation Pro Cycling  United States America
TCM Tashkent City Professional Cycling Team  Uzbekistan Asia
JAV Java Kiwi Atlántico  Venezuela South America
STF Start Cycling Team  Venezuela South America


  1. ^ a b c d As of 1 March 2022, the UCI revoked the licences of Russian and Belarusian teams due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.[5]
  2. ^ The team ceased operations on 31 March.[7]


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List of 2022 UCI ProTeams and Continental teams
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